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Christianity is the religion of millions of people in the world. Christians, the followers of Jesus Christ as well as the Bible, face multitude of challenges and challenges from other faith based cults, (they claim to become based on Bible) or non-religious cults.

Spiritual cults are occasionally called “sects” as they do have some of teachings derived from the primary religion, which is Christianity, right here. Some of them happen to be: The Cathedral of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), Jehovah’s Observe, United Pentecostal Church (Oneness Pentecostalism and Unitarian Universalistic Association. Likewise, there are non-religious cults such as the followers of Charles Manson, Jim Smith, and Waco etc . (Joyce)

No matter, what the nature of cult always be, they are known as threats to society and Christianity.

They will cause sections in religious beliefs, worse still they immobilize the heads and pondering capabilities of their followers, thus taking them away from the fact. These cults are very diverse in characteristics from the case Christianity in numerous ways. It is hard for a person to enter a fresh healthy religious beliefs. For example in the case of Catholic Christianity; a person has to undergo a long process of Confirmation and Baptism (Joyce). Christianity is usually difficult to follow because it takes a total use of Christian teachings in one’s your life, which mean, it might demand sacrifice of 1 of requirements and impulses. However , you can always leave such a religion without the agreement of anyone. At the same time, whilst it is easy to get involved with and become a member of a conspiracy, it is difficult to get out of the trap.

Besides that, cults differ from authentic Christianity because it requires total commitment and devotion to the cult commanders. People are to adhere to, whatever the leaders say, with no objection. They can be neither in order to question neither inquire something that they miss or discover inappropriate. This kind of attitudes are thought insolent to leaders. “Self-destruction of the oddball members of Heaven’s Gate in California and mass suicide with the People’s Serenidad in Guyana” (3) will be examples of this sort of total dedication.

Healthy beliefs like Christianity on the other hand encourage their fans to contemplate over the Work teachings and inquire regarding anything that that they don’t find right. Most people are also allowed to follow faith in accordance with his / her level of understanding. No one will do anything (however, there are some simple beliefs and acts to stick to, in order to be regarded Christian)

For one to be considered a good Christian, not necessarily only necessary to follow teachings of Our god but as well to become to good man. His or her behavior and treatment to other folks is equally important. Service to people is integral part of Christianity. This is to encourage a spirit of community and togetherness. Christ frequently asked his fans to like and maintain each other.

However , the situation in case there is cults is pretty

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