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February 4, 1999

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LA 345

P. Souvorin

Close Contact

Late a single evening a woman, in tears, actions into her bathroom split apart with emotional pain and anguish. She raises her check out look in the mirror.

A horror stricken confront shines back again at her with the colouring of a Scarlet Macaws reddish breast and a pasty complexion onto her face. Her high, delicate cheekbones happen to be waterfall ledges from the holes that the girl sheds. While she stands before the reflection, she is dressed in a lengthy, flowing nightgown the color of the full moon. The lady turns away from the mirror and her small , and dainty toes are read as your woman ever so slowly and gradually turns toward her tub.

It is seems like forever for her to look just two steps in the mirror and her image. She starts to look at a tiny, sharp subject in the again corner of her tub. Curious the lady picks this kind of up and begins to trifle with this. All the while her sobs become deeper and would touch any bystanders soul together with the gut aching sound that they brand to the ears.

Her whole body is numbing from her anguish and she feelings her soul becoming dropped in a without any nothingness. Taking a look at the object through clouded green eyes, the lady lowers that towards her right wrist of gentle, peachy drag. Slowly she closes her eyes and one quick motion her skin starts to ooze her lifes fact, blood. Sight tightened and biting on her lower lip, she whimpers from the pain that has today become physical.

Her sobs happen to be quelled since her discomfort is freed from her wrist as the lady sits propped against her toilet. Thinking begins to become sluggish since her period nears. The lady lays the flowing water fountain of discharge in her lap. Her nightgown becomes a blood-moon, stained forever with her nature in the the liquid that leaped from her.

Her breathing gets into upon a preparation on her ceasing to exist, thoughts are now in oblivion with her soul. For, she gets done that a majority of of heinous of deeds a person could perform die in their own palm.

Today her soul is slipped over her once energetic shell that held her soul, the girl with lifted for the heavens to her final relaxing. A mixture of scents at the place where her body is situated that of lovely, wild roses and a salty pungency which was made from the deep red water.

A shattering scream tears the young by her sleep sitting upright in a chilly sweat. She begins to frantically check that she’s fine finally, assured that it was nothing but merely a dream. Slays her return down on to her gentle, downy pillow drifting back to sleep with her feline at her feet and cuddling near Honey, her teddy bear.

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