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As a Muslim, I have to comply with the six articles of faith in Islam which includes assuming in only 1 God. From this article you can see, believing plays a vital role during my religion and I believe, is it doesn’t same in other religions too. However , you could misunderstood the usage of the word “believe” and argue them associated with other aspects such as the climate. One would assume that tomorrow’s climate would be rainy since there exists observable evidence through climate forecasts.

I would personally say the term “believe” is employed differently inside the context of the religion mainly because we believe when there is no observable evidence. This kind of degree of assuming is referred to as having faith. Beliefs is a component of humans’ social feelings. In other words, anybody can only have trust if they are motivated by good emotions. However , the fact that emotion may possibly affect the other ways of knowing, it can be questioned whether is it reliable enough to use our beliefs in judging assertions produced without proof in faith?

Since faith based believers claim that religion can not be proved or disproved with 100 percent conviction as it’s a question of personal faith, not subject to cause or proof (Christina, 2009), are they mistreating the word “faith” in order to protect religion through the conception that every assertion should be supported with observable facts? From the knower’s perspective, it could possibly not always be agreed even more that the require of proof in faith is indeed vague, thus, I personally believe that an excellent line should be drawn in order to distinguish reliable assertions and unreliable statements.

As natural science requirements empirical facts before virtually any assertions could be made, religion has always been connected with metaphysical says which change itself from all other areas of understanding. It has been clarified that equally areas of knowledge deserve different treatment toward any statements without proof. Nevertheless, I really believe that the person that asserts the claim plays a serious role in how we evaluate the claim. In natural science for instance, an individual who is highly-regarded in the field of which usually he is making the claim on, would know what he is asserting.

Thus, if it is this case, set up claim manufactured has no proof, it is very probably that the declare would be accurate. The same applies to religion. To put it briefly, reason must be put in front side of other ways of learning when considering any dire. Only by doing this, our decision would be rational and virtually any biasness could be avoided.

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