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In most cases, under no circumstances cross your thoughts that City life is greater than village life. However , there are many advantages and disadvantages in city your life and community life, likewise there is a big differ inside the lifestyle after some similarities. Fact, city life is more comfortable and civilization. Because will and there is a lot of chances to developing the live. firstly, in City life there exists a good chance for a young persons make theme start all of them life which has a high income because the major brands located in the cities, in addition , a good education for children because there are better school within the community, also, a convenient homes, large shop complexions, banking companies, offices, accommodations, and hostipal wards.

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Furthermore, lots of things that are not able to may inside the village. On the other hand, there are folks who prefer to are in the village because they will love the village life with its healthy clean air and refreshing products and they cannot live in urban centers, but almost they are usually the elderly.

Even though living in the location has many positive aspects there are some disadvantages too, the cost of the living is very rich in the city, the city is always raucous, no fresh air and pure water. It is therefore hard to acquire a healthy existence. On furthermore the small town the undeveloped area for instance , we are unable to easily get many facilities the too little medical and education facilities, couple of opportunities to generate profits, little entertainment, no or little the, also much less facilities when compared to a big city offers.

Over all there are some commonalities between both locations with big differences. But for every single lives there is certainly lovers whom cannot fuses lives for the other city, at the end, I see that Surviving in a community near the town is the best approach to combine some great benefits of this two lives. [continues] Read total essay

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