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Excerpt from Case Study:

company on the market, because this has certain characteristics that play a role in the decision making process regarding the type of provide that 3Cs can make for the two potential future managers. The case analyze mentions that Arlan Autospritz has strategically cornered the car wash marketplace. This translates into 3Cs possessing a monopoly around the car rinse market, which is also translated in the fact that the only existing competition two coin-operated car flushes on the borders of the city. This monopolistic position most probably means that 3Cs controls the marketplace, including the price of a car wash. The simple fact that the cost of the assistance can be hence manipulated implies that Arlan can easily consider redirecting a part of the revenues for the human resource component to his business, namely towards ensuring that this individual hires an excellent future product manager.

The other characteristic that has to be pointed out is the fact the human resource companies are highly competitive. There are in least two arguments in this sense, deriving from the example. The first is that unemployment is usually low (3. 8%) and continues to reduce. This means that there is also a high occupancy of the staff, which translates in the fact that we now have fewer persons available for retain the services of. For 3Cs, this meant that the company was not a longer capable to follow through on it is traditional strategy of employing at entry level and then advertising through the rates.

The second disagreement is that the two candidates pertaining to the managerial position (candidates who, since shown in the case study, were shortlisted by a longer list of five applicants) have promising positions within their own firms. Both of the candidates include competitive salaries, with an attractive benefits package. Jane is up for promo, which will improve her position and pay in the company. Not of the two candidates is looking to keep their current positions, until they be given a better task offer.

All these arguments (highly competitive job market, low number of candidates from your selection and recruitment process, candidates pleased with their current positions) support the idea that Her should be presented a best taken offer. To start with, a lowball offer will likely have no result. Jane can be not planning to leave her current job and, in fact , this wounderful woman has an excellent situation and is up for promotion. A lowball provide will probably just make her believe that 3Cs is not really thinking about having her services.

A competitive present does not seem to be the best choice both. First of all, it is hard

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