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Client Stressors Case Study



Based on the Betty Neuman model, intrapersonal stressors happen to be “internal environmental interaction pushes occurring in the boundary in the client, between client sub-systems, ” (12). This commonly includes physical, psychological and emotional problems that become causes for each particular case. The clear intra-factors in this case are definitely the presence of a kidney illness, acute reduced abdominal discomfort, the fact that she is not really taking virtually any medications. This wounderful woman has been staying hydrated, a previous back muscle mass injury in the past. The patient has recently been having heavy menstrual cycles with even worse cramping, not any breast tenderness, did not pass clogs, your woman believes she actually is getting close to knowledge menopause, zero prior unusual paps or perhaps STDs, regular mammogram and pap last year, did include surgery to get PPTL in 1977 following her third child came to be, does not slop, previous hospitalization for lower back pain 5 in years past, recently traveled to the ER for her renal infection without having prior good UTIs or kidney attacks prior to that incident. Your woman does not drink alcohol or use drugs. She walks around 2 kilometers in the morning regarding 3 to 4 instances per week. Your woman was having coffee, yet stopped considering that the kidney infection has simply been drinking cranberry drink and normal water since. An examination proved that this lady has pronounced CVA tenderness and lower lumbar tenderness within the right area, with simply slight pain on the left side. She is currently menstruating and using a tampon.


Interpersonal stressors are described as “external environment interaction forces occurring beyond the boundary of the client although at a proximal selection, ” (12). This finally means instant surroundings from the client which may contribute to his or her condition, just like relationships with others, social changes, and changes to living environments. A number of the intrapersonal elements are the reality her sister has had calcium oxalate stone(s) before, there is no familial good renal disease, her elderly sister had started menopause around the age of 51 together started having heavier periods and cramps just prior to beginning the alter. She has appreciated a rewarding sexual marriage with her spouse of 18 years, has only had two sexual companions in her whole life, will not

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