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Banana (Musa × Paradisiaca) is a very prevalent plant in Malaysia and in the Thailand. Often the clown trunk is definitely thrown away after harvesting it. The waste materials is eco-friendly. Banana is definitely the common term for herbaceous plants in the Genus Musa, and is likewise the name given to the fruit of these plant life. It is a local plant found in the warm region of Southeast Asia, the Malay Archipelago, and Australia. Today, it is developed throughout the Tropical forests. The clown was described for the first time in written history in Buddhist texts in 600 BC.

The stalk is the control of the banana plant. The banana track produces one particular huge bloom cluster and after that dies.

The stalk is generally cut off the plant when the plums are plump and ready to ripen. Before it dies, there are a variety of items the banana stalk can be utilised for. The utilization of banana sap, as a method for art work has never been discovered in Malaysia.

Banana sap is used in other countries including Indonesia while textile perishing and Latina America while Medicinal uses. Banana sap from a lot of parts of the tree consists of pigment and dyes, as a result not aware of the potential moderate is a waste. This fabric is eco-friendly and this research is conducted to check the potential of clown sap like a pigment and dye being used alternatively natural printer ink.


The researchers desire to extend all their most honest appreciation for the following people who helped get this research. These are the people who helped and offered for the success of this endeavor. To Goodness, for his gift of wisdom and understanding, and for answering the prayers in their times of need. With their Science instructor, Ms. Avrylle Corpuz to get teaching the researchers the primary of research and investigatory writing and for showing quite a lot of patience nevertheless at times the researchers is usually naughty and wild. To their parents and family members, to get the endless love and support that they can gave. Towards the observer/respondents, for his or her integrity and cooperation. And finally, to all those who were a part of this work, they thanked themselves internet marketing cooperative and hardworking over the investigatory project.


Background of the Study

A banana is an ready-to-eat fruit manufactured by several kinds of significant herbaceous blooming plants with the genus Musa. (In some countries, bananas used for food preparation may be named plantains. ) The fruit can be variable in proportions, color and firmness, yet is usually pointed and rounded, with gentle flesh rich in starch covered with a rind which may be green, yellow, crimson, purple, or brown once ripe. The fruits develop clusters clinging from the top of the plant. Along with this edible fruit is saps: extremely gross and can be employed as a useful adhesive. Systems applications and products can be obtained coming from either the pseudostem, it peelings, or perhaps from the flesh. Ink is a liquid or perhaps paste that contains pigments or perhaps dyes and it is used to color a area to produce an image, text, or perhaps design. Printer ink nowadays, are being used by many persons around the world. Today, ink is getting much more expensive.

An average of 22$ (880pesos) every quarter ounces. Ink is usually made out of composed of solvents, pigments, dyes, resins, lubricants, solubilizers, surfactants,  particulate matter, and fluorescers. Thus the experiment is all about recycling banana saps and making ink less costly. There have been many experiments ahead of this. Others have tried out using cherries beet drink, orange, and many more more. But , these fruits that are used, needs the drink, skin, and the likes. The analysts chose clown because they are using not it itself but the saps. Likewise, most fruits that are used to get the producing of the printer ink. The researchers think that this will help to them attain a better quality of life because it will cut down the amount paid of tattoo. All these set aside the question upon everyone’s mind is: Is going to this natural ink end up being as effective as the ink people are using today?

Statement of the Problem

This kind of study establishes the effect and practicality of banana systems applications and products in making an all-natural ink. The banana track, where the analysts got the banana systems applications and products, was eco-friendly. It especially seeks to resolve the following question: 1 . Does the product genuinely work as another solution natural ink? 2 . Is the natural tattoo from the clown sap a lot better than the commercial inks? a few. Does the normal ink in the banana systems applications and products require a preservative?

Significance with the Study

Mother nature can provide pertaining to everyday requirements such as publishing ink. Classic ink options include flower petals and tree sound off, and though fresh fruit sources are less traditional, additionally, they make for valuable ink. Cherries and cherries, with their substantial juice content, are ideal for tattoo making. Unlike other delicious fruits just like watermelons, citrus fruit fruits or peaches, super berry and cherry wood juice will be dark enough to show about writing newspaper. On this study, the analysts chose a banana sap as an alternative natural ink so that they will be able to know and find out other natural alternative ink aside from fruits, which is frequently used.

Scope and Limitation

The study of comparing banana sap as being a natural ink to a industrial ink is restricted only on the use of banana sap, color and business ink. Pertaining to the study, the researchers simply emptied the unused writing instruments or writing instruments that won’t function better. The researchers were also very careful in doing this mainly because ink could possibly be harmful if perhaps swallowed and it may inflame the eyes. The group will only employ banana systems applications and products with powder dye (diluted with water) and an empty invisible coop to perform the analysis. The analysts will not employ any other material or chemical compounds as increaser to the organic ink.


Musa × Paradisiaca and Its Pseudostems

Bananas (Musa × Paradisiaca) are indigenous to tropical Southeast Asia, but have long been cultivated in many countries from Asia to Europe for its fruits and to a lesser extent because of its fiber. Banana is commonly wrongly diagnosed as a woods but it is actually a large perennial flowering supplement with tea leaf sheaths that form trunk-like pseudostems that grows from a corm. Banana can grow about 7 meters in height which includes about eight – 12 spirally established leaves which might be up to installment payments on your 7 yards long and 0. 6th meter large. Banana sap is among the most sticky and persistent substances on earth. You will never have it off your clothing, some people declare. Banana sap is extremely sticky and can be used as a functional adhesive. Sap can be obtained in the pseudostem, in the fruit peelings, or in the fruit flesh.

Banana Systems applications and products as Dye for Fabrics

Banana sap is used as a medium to dye fabrics in Indonesia and Thailand. The color of banana sap is brownish and it’s compound on the fabrics well. Dried up banana peel contains 31 to forty percent tannin content; it’s accustomed to blacken household leather. The ash from the dried out peel of bananas and plantains is definitely rich in potash and utilized for making cleaning soap. While that of the burned peel of unripe fruits of certain varieties is utilized for dyeing. In the Israel, the Pinatubo Negritos stop a banana grow close to the earth, make a hollow in the top of the stump, which then floods with watering sap is usually drank while an emergency being thirsty quencher. Central Americans get the sap in the red banana in the same manner and take that as a great aphrodisiac.

Producing Berry Inks (Huckleberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Pokeberry) Ink making is a wonderful way to use up some of the berries you can forage pertaining to outdoors or perhaps grow in your garden. With a berry ink, you can do wonderful water washes, use a dip pen and write great letters, or put it to use for various drawings and sketches. Also you can use your ink to get spiritual journaling or magical work.

Having an ink you’ve made your self allows you to always be creative although making use of eco friendly materials which have been locally harvestable. Berries ought to be ripe (never under-ripe) or perhaps slightly over-ripe. Berries that contain a nice darker stain when you cut it available are effective. Fruit inks are going to be a little more watering and less heavy than a traditional synthetic or perhaps processed ink.

Banana Sap in Medicine

All parts with the banana flower have medicinal applications because banana sap has the properties of antifungal and antibiotic. Found in the peel and pulp of fully fresh bananas, the antibiotic serves against Mycobacteria. The inside in the peel has anti-septic houses as it can be draped directly around wounds or perhaps cuts in an emergency. The flowers of banana can be used for treatment in bronchitis and dysentery and on ulcers; prepared flowers receive to diabetes sufferers; the fierce plant sap in cases of foreboding, epilepsy, leprosy, fevers, hemorrhages and acute dysentery, nevertheless it is also applied to hemorrhoids pest and other stings and hits; young leaves are placed while poultices in burns and other skin afflictions; the fierce ashes in the unripe peel and leaves are consumed dysentery and diarrhea and used for dealing with malignant ulcers.

The beginnings are given in digestive dysentery and also other ailments; clown seed mucilage is given in the case opf catarrh and diarrhea in India. Banana sap is additionally used to lessen high blood pressure; serotonin inhibits intestinal, digestive, gastrointestinal secretion and stimulates the graceful muscle of the intestines. Supposed hallucinogenic effects of the smoke cigars of burning clown peel had been investigated scientifically and have certainly not been confirmed.

Charcoal Briquettes from Clown Peels

Today there is increased pressure in forests as people lower trees to get firewood and also other purposes in the last 30 years, for example , Uganda offers lost half of her forest cover. Residents are being encouraged to take on energy saving technology that place less pressure on natural resources. One example is the utilization of banana peelings, commonly known as banachakol (banana charcoal), into a woman by a group of community workers referred to as Bakyala Tweyune (“Women in self-help”), responsible to make the banachakol, and the creation process pertaining to the briquettes.

The technology that will preserve many trees and shrubs is were only available in Lungujja around Kampala, where a woman called Namusoke Immaculate, the creator of Bakyala Tweyune can certainly group, features innovated a new method of substitute fuel by turning clown peelings in charcoal briquettes. They simply used one-half basin full of fresh clown peelings, a quarter basin of charcoal dirt, and 1 / 4 basin of fine sand. Each chops the fresh banana peelings in to small pieces. Once the banana peelings happen to be chopped, then mix the three ingredients together – the banana peelings, the grilling with charcoal dust and the sand. The necessity of the banana briquettes could make people sort banana peelings from waste in areas where they are placed.

Conceptual Construction

This analyze primarily dedicated to the clown sap while an effective normal ink and be able to compare the natural ink coming from commercial ink. The centered variable is definitely the banana sap while the self-employed variable is definitely the powdered coloring (diluted with water). In this study, the dependent adjustable is the banana sap (extract) because the analysts extracted it with their materials. The impartial variable may be the powdered coloring because it is pre-manufactured.


Banana sap is incredibly sticky and it staining your clothes hideously and instantly. The normal ink from your banana systems applications and products will be powerful but it is a little more watering than a processed (commercial) ink and it will not last long. The product is also normal so it will be removed quickly.

Definition of Conditions

Musa × paradisiaca – Banana; It is the common brand for a fresh fruit and also the herbaceous plants from the genus Letras which create the generally eaten fruits Pseudostem- It is just a false stem made of the rolled facets of leaves. Mycobacteria- It is a bacterium of any group which includes the causative agents of leprosy and tuberculosis. Banachakol- It is a banana charcoal.

Banana Sap- It is among the most sticky and uncooperative substances on earth. You will never get it off your outfits. Tannin- It is just a yellowish or brownish bitter-tasting organic element present in several galls, barks, and other grow tissues, composed of derivatives of gallic acid solution. Commercial Ink- Ink that has been used by people these days. Material Thread- It is a kind of thin yarn, slim fibers unique together, pertaining to textiles and sewing. Musa- It is one of three genera in the family members Musaceae; it provides bananas and plantains. Ink- It is a shaded fluid or paste employed for writing, pulling, printing, or duplicating. Undetectable pen- This features hidden ink that can only be revealed using the AS WELL AS black mild in the hat. Rinsable- In a position of being rinsed.



The materials which were used in this kind of study had been the banana sap in the banana stalk, container, towel thread, a casserole, wood made stick which will be used for pounding, powdered absorb dyes, water and an empty undetectable pen.


A medium sized banana track was gathered from one in the researcher’s backyard. The clear invisible coop was gathered from one from the researchers’ home. The container, cloth carefully thread, casserole plus the wooden stay were collected from one from the researchers’ home.


A. Measurement of the Materials Necessary

Four (4) table spoons of powdered dye (diluted with water), one (1) invisible pen, and the draw out of a medium sized banana stalk.

B. Preparation with the set-up

Four (4) set ups were prepared; set-up 1 (1) was performed up of the preparation and production for the clown sap, system (2) was made up for the preparation in the powdered coloring, set-up three (3) was performed up of the preparation in the empty hidden pen and set-up four (4) was performed up of the mixture of the banana sap and the diluted powdered dye.

C. Preparation of the Mix

The banana sap and the diluted powdered dye were mixed in textbox, boiled and put inside the undetectable pen.

D. Fingertips

The non- eco-friendly and eco-friendly materials which were used had been segregated.

Method Flow Data

Preparation of the Materials Necessary

Getting the Clown Sap (extract) from the Clown Stalk

Preparing of the Coloring (Diluted with Water)

Blend of the Clown Sap and Dye

Statement of the Finished Product

Fingertips of Employed Materials

Evaluation and Comparability from ad advertisement Ink

The desk shows the inks’ impact when used to write in writing. For the natural ink, the analysts chose a dark dye (diluted with water) then, combined with the banana sap get. From the researchers’ observations and comparisons, the natural printer ink is more light in color compared to the commercial ink. From your data above, it evidently states the effectiveness of the all-natural ink. The researchers hand picked the banana systems applications and products as a combination with the absorb dyes because the their extract is usually sticky and it stains clothing. Finally, there are zero significant impact to the skin of the experts who merged and the banana sap and dye which can be interpreted as allergy or perhaps irritation.



Structured from the outcomes gathered in the experiments, the researchers conclude that applying Banana systems applications and products (Musa × Paradisiaca), as a decoction, is an effective substitute natural ink. Banana saps are free as well as the other materials needed in making the decoction can be easily present in any household. Furthermore, the researchers deduce that the clown sap can be environment friendly because it is organic very safe to use intended for humans because there are no unwanted effects in using it aside from the amount of time readers stay of it and it might discoloration their clothes. Compared to the business ink, the natural tattoo is a little watering and it’s easier to wash off your hands.


Primarily based from the driven conclusions, the researchers even more recommend the next:

a. Carry out more test using various conditions and method of preparing.

b. Use different sub-specie of banana tree.

c. Use applications on different types of paper as ink.

d. Make use of or add other sticky substances.

e. Execute an research on a much longer span of your energy.


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