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The purpose of this kind of report is always to explain detailed description of Bus Reservation System. It is going to explain the goal of the task, the limitations of the system, extrémité of the system, what the task will do, what kind of future works may be done. 1 . 2 Protection An accredited coach operator may possibly demonstrate complying with this kind of requirement simply by: ¢ being able to access manufacturer’s technical specs and/or any other reference material regarded appropriate for age, make and model in the buses inside the accredited coach operator’s fast ¢ expanding and employing service agendas 1 .

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a few Objectives

This kind of project is dependent on a situation. In this scenario, customer really wants to know coach services with their time and date when he decided to travel and leisure. He can do this by a mobile call or gonna agency. In both conditions, he will fulfill the employee who work at the agency and get information regarding services, it is departure period, departure time, destination time, suitable car seats etc . In the event that he determines to hold a ticketed, then staff will take a few personnel data from buyer and will book a couch that client selected.

Travelling is a large growing business in Turkey and other countries likewise.

It becomes extremely tough to keep bus services data and client information. Our project will be useful in the Bus Reservation System. This kind of project’s aim is to gratify a facility to hold seats, cancelling of car seats and different types of enquiry like couch status, support enquiry and service period. 1 . 4 Limitations This kind of project has its own limitations. Firstly, services are just between Laoag-Manila and Manila-Laoag. Secondly, every day there are three services for every single direction for 9. 00 am, 1 . 00 evening and almost 8. 00 pm. Thirdly, admission can be reserved by an employee who works at the firm.

Namely; customer cannot arrange a ticket. Finally, man and woman cannot couch side by side in the event they do not understand each other. 1 . 5 Difficulty Customers must travel to the table to buy shuttle bus ticket or ask for bus schedule. Customers need to pay money when they buy bus entry pass and sometimes has to queue on with hours to get shuttle bus tickets. Besides that, customers are also not allowed to buy tour bus tickets through telephone since the bus business telephone line is often busy. 2. Flowchart III. Screenshots This shows the title of our system which is the Reservation System.

As we is able to see we put the name in the programmer. Then press virtually any key to continue the program. This kind of data reveals to fix the first few errors or perhaps warnings, simply because may be leading to all the others. A compiler warning indicates you’ve performed something negative, but not a thing that will prevent the code coming from being put together. You should correct whatever causes warnings simply because often lead to other issues that will not be so easy to find. Compiler messages generally list the file and line quantity where a problem occurs. Nonetheless, errors typically occur around the lines just before what the problem message lists.

Especially check the line right away preceding in which the error concept indicates. Finally, note that several compilers may choose to call a thing an error while some may just call it up a alert or certainly not complain whatsoever. As we can see we have simply no warnings and errors. After the welcome kind then program opens the login kind. Here consumer has to enter valid user id and password. There are shown as below.. This shows the key menu where you could choose the reservation. This shows different choices of shuttle bus, we have elegant, air-conditioned bus and ordinary bus. Also you can choose the period you wish.


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