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The key issue of the case should be to determine the very best marketing strategy pertaining to the release of the new Colgate Accurate. The issue can be divided into the following four major areas: 1 ) Positioning: Which usually market should be targeted?

installment payments on your Branding: Ought to Colgate get the most from the company’s company? 3. Interaction & Promo: How does Colgate distribute their advisement bills among products? How much will need to Colgate spend money on advertising Colgate Precision? 4. Channel: Which will distribution funnel should Colgate use?

All of us must examine the two varying launch tactics ” specialized niche and mainstream ” and select the path that is the best fit provided consumer want and competition in the marketplace.

We will be using comprehensive analysis to calculate the revenues and costs of every strategy, and also analyzing the various marketing pieces of the release, in order to make a knowledgeable decision intended for Colgate-Palmolive. 3C Analysis

Although Colgate have not previously competed in the super-premium segment, it includes a premium quality product ” Colgate Plus ” that may compete with super-premium brushes including Oral-B’s goods.

Due to its acceptance, Colgate Plus’ dollar business has grown via 12. 6% in1989 to eighteen. 5% in 1992. Among Colgate’s competitive advantages is definitely its toothpaste brand, which usually held 43% of the world market share in 1991. Even though Colgate’s items are identified as “oddly-shaped, simply by combining its toothbrush with Colgate-branded toothpaste in a single screen, toothbrush product sales grew by simply 170%. In addition , Colgate’s service is in-line with mass production, that adopts efficient manufacturing, and it also has a good distribution channel in “Food and Mass trade classes.

Customers may be classified in to three sectors: Therapeutic, Beauty, and Uninvolved. As rivals have been starting a variety of new items, customers include increasingly emphasized a choice for hairbrushes with performance benefits. Especially, the Restorative segment ” which makes up 46% of adults which is Colgate Plus’ main consumer ” prefers to focus on their gum wellness rather than about cavity-prevention. In addition , Precision focuses primarily on being able to clean around the chewing gum line via their outer bristle. Another important stage is that one-fourth of customers make use of brushes given to them by their dentists, thus professional dental surgeons are a principal channel to reach customers. Competition is particularly extreme in the super-premium segment, with Oral-B becoming the market leader. While Oral-B touts by itself as the brand name of tooth brush “more dentists use, the business also creates several common care products like mouthwash and dental floss, possibly weakening its power in the tooth brush market.

Additional major competitors are J&J, P&G, and Smithkline, all of which plan to launch new super-premium toothbrushes or perhaps consumer promotion programs. Even though the competition is definitely increasing as new product lines are introduced in the market, every product is somewhat differentiated (e. g. Aquafresh has a versatile neck whilst Reach delivers angled neck and rippled bristles). Therefore , Colgate can easily distinguish by itself from competitors’ products based upon its “efficacy and plaque focus. From the promotion perspective, it can be believed that J&J, P&G, and Smithkline will react strongly when Colgate launches Colgate Precision by utilizing their huge advertising financial constraints.

Segmentation, Concentrating on, and Placing

As mentioned above, buyer segmentation in the toothbrush market is commonly comprised of 3 categories: Healing, Cosmetic, and Uninvolved. While using development of the Precision, Colgate has attempted to identify a brand new sub-segment ” consumers worried about gum attention. Based on the results of concept testing detailed in Exhibit 18, 80% of test subjects responded beneficially to the declare that Precision eliminated 35% more plaque than competitors and helped stop gum disease. Likewise, 87% of test themes acknowledged they will buy a toothbrush that prevented gum disease. These types of concept checks seem to confirm that within the Restorative and Beauty segments there is also a group of buyers motivated by gum health. Larger industry trends demonstrate soft and additional soft bristle tooth brush sales growing by more than 7%. As soft-bristle hair brushes are better for chewing gum health, the growth in this category supports Colgate’s niche marketing technique. In addition , current competitors include yet to target this portion.

The identity of a “gum health section in the tooth brush market presents strong support to Colgate’s niche setting concept. The Precision tooth brush can easily concentrate on these clients given its effectiveness in removing 35% more plaque than other leading toothbrushes and double the plaque removal at the gum line. These “gum health customers are probably currently consumers of Oral-B super-premium toothbrushes, and provided the dollar growth of the super-premium category and Oral-B sales, these kinds of customers symbolize a lucrative market section. By coming into the super-premium toothbrush category with the most reliable toothbrush on the market, Colgate is definitely taking a immediate shot by Oral-B’s market share and is demanding Oral-B’s personalisation strategy being a super-premium tooth brush manufacturer.

Another advantage to Colgate is that, being a niche super-premium brush, Accuracy should be plainly seen as a differentiated toothbrush from Colgate Plus and Colgate Classic, keeping product cannibalization at a minimum. Since seen in the chart beneath, we’ve predicted cannibalization while $5. some million in year you for market vs . $16. 5 mil for popular. Through a marketing campaign that determines the Precision’s unique design, comfortable feel, and functional benefits over the leading toothbrushes, Colgate should be able to record a reveal of the super-premium market. The high price enclosed the Accurate further confirms the brush’s positioning as the best brush on the market. Colgate should also make use of dentists like a distribution route to help build the Precision’s identity because the industry’s best toothbrush. By leapfrogging Oral-B’s current generation of brushes, Colgate can better its company image in the eyes of Therapeutic and Cosmetic consumers, as well as consume a period of brilliance given the 2 years’ well worth of R&D spent on Precision.

4P Research

The Precision toothbrush might sell with the upper end of the super-premium brush section, both on the manufacture selling price as well as the advised retail selling price. Oral-B, which usually seems to own the super-premium segment, has two brushes priced as the most costly and second most expensive. The manufacturer price ($2. 02) of the Precision can be priced correct in between the Oral-B brushes; whereas the suggested selling price ($2. 89) in the Precision can be higher than equally Oral-B brushes. Under a market strategy, the price would lead to a company profit that would justify the initial expenditure of $3. 25 , 000, 000 in the initial year and $1. a few million in the second yr.

In order to stimulate consumer trial, promotions, like the Colgate As well as and Traditional, would utilize discounts and bundling along with Colgate tooth paste. Through an hostile advertising campaign, approximated at 49% of yr 1 revenue and 31% of season 2 product sales, Colgate will certainly establish solid consumer reputation as a super-premium toothbrush. Colgate will use their strong circulation channels to get the Finely-detailed toothbrush, although one main change is to utilize dental professionals like a channel and promotional device to the end consumer, which is encroaching about Oral-B’s place.


The recommendation is for Colgate to put its Accuracy toothbrush as a niche item, targeting consumers who will be cognizant of preventing gingivitis. From monetary standpoint, promoting Precision like a mainstream item cannibalizes too much of Colgate’s existing products and earnings (as noticed in the graphs below). This strategy aims to increase profits to justify Colgate’s investment. Also, seeing how new improvements for hair brushes are presented often , Colgate can later on change the strategy to a popular position in order to launches it is latest and greatest tooth brush. It is better to go by niche to mainstream compared to the other way around.

Promoting this approach means that Colgate needs to maximize the Colgate company, rather than highlight Precision. This will allow customers to spot the toothbrush along with Colgate’s toothpaste, which owns a large portion of the market. The Precision toothbrush will be the largest focus for Colgate’s advertising campaign, totaling around $11-$12 mil in spending budget.

For positioning the Accuracy toothbrush as a niche item for stopping gum disease, it is very important that Colgate utilize dental care professionals as being a channel for advertising (on best of its already strong distribution stations of “Food and Mass.  Within niche strategy, dentists signify 3 million in unit sales or perhaps 23% of total yr 1 unit sales. Because the Precision brush touts by itself as better for plaque removal and gum wellness, it makes sense to achieve the support of dentists, exactly where most people are informed about dental health needs. Emphasizing the Colgate manufacturer and having Dentist tips will help the overall Colgate manufacturer, which will better position Colgate for its existing and new items.


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