Colonization of India Essay

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The colonization of India was very slow and very refined.

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Europe’s first contacts in India were made initially by the Portuguese. The Portuguese traveled there by sea and took over American indian trade and commerce. In 1492 a Papal Half truths was announced, allowing the Portuguese to visit Kerala (May 18th, 1498).

They went in search of spices or herbs, and Christian believers. Later in another voyage in 1500 it probably is the Costa da prata mission to convert Indians as well as manipulating the spice trade. 95 years after, in 1595 the Dutch began to get into India. Right now two Western influences were controlling India. Both the Nederlander and Portuguese had prominent influence in India however the most originated from England throughout the year 1600.

India at that time was a very powerful place due to its trading possibilities. It had very valuable spice goods that many nations desired, especially the English. For this reason , in 1600 the British East India Trading Firm was created, “After a Dutch company manufactured tremendous earnings trading with the spice islands in South-east Asia (known as the East-Indies) eighty English Stores joined jointly to form the British East India Company in 1600. Timid investors compared to the Portuguese and Nederlander, the English merchants focused on amassing wealth. ” (Indian Self-reliance, 7) The trading company was the first way the English declared themselves in India.

In 1665, that they gained much more power through the gaining of Bombay (because King Charles married a Portuguese princess) In 1696 the Mughals prohibited more settlement attaining England a mass amount of cash. England asserted itself in India through social electricity, and cash. In 1773, as the company almost travelled bankrupt the English authorities took over the trading organization. This quite simply gave the English endless power in India. Currently the The english language had superb means to colonize India.

The British had been in the middle of the commercial Revolution. They were continuously creating and creating new technologies, which tremendously helped improve their economy. Industries were exposed, and railroads were developed, demand for English products were huge these people were very much in power, along with a strong navy this produced them extremely powerful. Nevertheless the English realized they wasn’t able to directly dominate Indians in spite of all this electric power.

India was valuable for Spice development. In order to produce spices, they will needed the Indian persons happy and alive. The extent of what they can do was send English regiments there, and even many soldiers disagreed with the The english language motives this kind of made colonization in India difficult, so that it had to be incredibly subtle and quiet, is an account of English gift in Burma, “All this was perplexing and upsetting. Pertaining to at that time I had developed already made up my mind that imperialism was an nasty thing as well as the sooner chucked up my job and also out of it the better.

The oretically-and secretly of course- I was most for the Burmese and all against the Burmese, the Uk. ” (George Orwell, Shooting an Hippo 1) Even those quietly of Great britain opposed England.

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