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Color Crimson

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Alice Walker, Women, Abusive Relationships

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I had formed to deal with my dad. I had to fight my brothers. I had developed to fight my cousins and my own uncles. A female child ain’t safe in a family of men” (46).

Sofia is brazen and blunt and features little in keeping with the often-beaten and intimidated Celie. Celie says, “I like Sofia, but the girl don’t perform like me in any way. If the lady talking when Harpo and Mr. ____ come in the bedroom, she retain right on” (42). This is in total opposition towards the fearful esteem that Celie has discovered to show for the men in her existence. Celie is usually resentful of the fact that Sofia looks on her in pity since she obeys Albert’s directions without question. Harpo felt that Sofia would have to be more deferential towards him, and he asked Celie for suggestions. Celie offered him the sole advice your woman knew: the lady told Harpo to defeat her. Instead of admiring Sofia for her durability of personality, she suggested that Harpo try to help to make her mind the way Mr. ____ taught Celie herself to abide by.

Celie was envious of Sofia’s disobedient. Out of jealousy, the lady sided with the men within their persecution of Sofia. When Sofia asked her how come she advised Harpo heading to her, your woman admitted, “I say this cause Now i’m jealous of you. My answer is it trigger you do the things i can’tfight” (46).

Rather than allowing for herself to get beaten, Sofia fought again whenever Harpo hit her. Their marriage turned violent, and eventually she left and moved into her sister’s residence. Unfortunately, soon afterwards Sofia had an face with the Mayor’s wife, who asked her to be her maid. Once Sofia clarified in the adverse, she was badly defeated, imprisoned, and ended up doing work for the Mayor’s wife anyways. It took several years for her to regain a fraction of her before courage.

Celie did not gain the self-confidence that your woman needed till she commenced a love affair with Shug Avery, her husband’s mistress. Shug provided Celie the confidence that she required to leave Albert when the lady told him that Celie would be arriving at Memphis with herself and Grady, Shug’s husband. At that point the floodgates opened and everything that Celie had wished to say over the years spilled away. She advised him that he was a “lowdown soiled dog” (181) and told him that she acquired never asked or wanted anything from him, “Not even your remorseful hand in marriage” (183). Shug’s love gave her the courage that she needed to free very little from Albert.

In the end, the two Celie and Sofia needed to undergo a painful struggle to get identity. Sofia had to deal with both the white-colored establishment and her own family. She misplaced her independence and practically lost her life in the battle, although she reunited with Harpo and obtained her impression of do it yourself. Celie, alternatively, was simply able to establish her identity following she strolled away

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