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1 . Business Summary

This statement will contain the parts which are:

Critically examine and evaluate the model of Hall’s High framework culture and Low framework culture and introduce the key features of these people. Explain two countries falling into Large context tradition and Low context culture. Analyse the AUDI’s established website of business communication respectively in South Korea and Cina which is owned by High framework culture, in Sweden and Canada which can be part of Low context culture and demonstrates the overall performance of organization.

The information is definitely provided with this report which usually came from academics journals, newspapers, textbooks and reliable websites. According to the research of Hall’s model, this report thinks that this style is helpful pertaining to the cross-cultural communication of numerous countries. And based on the model, it provides some examples including South Korea and China and tiawan (high framework culture) and Sweden and Canada (low context culture) to demonstrate the several expression way in different countries which can help the cultural communication of each country and associated with features of model more clearly.

In that case, this statement proposes the AUDI since the case to introduce the communication varieties of company in high and low framework culture and analyse detailedly the shows of their official site in four countries which can be South Korea, China, Sweden and Canada. The successful development of AUDI in these four countries as well certifies the effectiveness and contribution of Hall’s style.

2 . Launch

2 . 1 Targets

Critically examine and evaluate the main attributes of high circumstance and low context tradition model of Lounge (1990). Offer four countries that two high-context tradition countries (China and To the south Korea) and two low-context culture countries (Sweden and Canada) to analyse Hall’s high and low framework culture version (1990). Present the example of business interaction about Hall’s (1990) high context and low framework culture unit. And illustrate the different connection styles of AUDI’s official websites respectively in high framework culture nation of Southern region Korea and China in addition to low context culture region of Laxa, sweden and Canada. Make the conclusion according to the over contents.

installment payments on your 2 Everywhere context type of culture of Hall (1990)

The famous American anthropologist Corridor, according to accuracy and clarity of people’s details transmission and becoming in the process of communication, places forward the analysis structure of high and low framework culture. Area (1976) feels that “Context is between the information of the event, and the “events is to express the contents of communication, the combination between them reflects you will of a lifestyle. According to the diverse combination of “Context and “Content, the traditions can be broken into high context culture and low framework culture.

3. Main Studies

With the quick development of economic globalization, the link between countries become more and even more closely. Mainly because different countries have different social context, the cross-cultural conversation are appearing, which likewise have some concerns in the connection (Koeszegi, 2004). Many college students have do some research and analysis around the different lifestyle in the world, this kind of part is going to introduce the Hall’s type of high and low social context detailedly and give some cases of different circumstance culture as below. a few. 1 Examine the type of high and low ethnic context of Hall

three or more. 1 . one particular

The meaning and Popular features of the High and Low cultural circumstance model (Hall, 1990) Hall (1976) considers that the human being communication, which includes language conversation will be afflicted with the context. Hall (1976, pp. 81-83) emphatically stated without framework, symbols happen to be incomplete, as it only contains a part of the data, context will not have the specific meaning, but the meaning of communication typically depends on the framework, and which means is with one another linked to context. Hall (1976) divided the context in to high context and low context. The kind of context can determine all aspects of the franche activities, the utilization of language is not a exception. It implies that, in low framework communication, people more and more be based upon use dialect to achieve communicative purposes. While in high context communication, the role of vocabulary use might be much smaller, individuals are relatively very sensitive to the hints of refined environment. Most Asian nationalities such as: Chinese culture, and culture of South Korea and The african continent culture can be regarded as excessive context traditions. And the United states of america, Canada, Sweden and most Nordic culture belongs to low framework culture (Hall and Area, 1990).

During these two sorts of different nationalities, the position of the transfer meaning about context and language which is not the same, which means position and status of communication is different. The features an excellent source of context tradition are that in the process of communication, after only a few data is encoded by clearly transmitting, people attaches great importance to the “context as opposed to the “content, and pay more focus on the establishment of the cultural trust and highly evaluate the relationship and friendship, which could sustain a long relationship (Moran, et approach, 2007). Besides, communication is implicit, people is very sensitive to these implicit information and early understands to effectively explain the implicit data. The two kinds of communication and information include certain positive aspects: high framework culture can easily better inherit the oriental righteousness as well as the humanistic spirit of the love with Cina as a representative. It can be favorable for the harmony of society and the stability of management (Dozier, et ‘s, 1998). While low framework culture through the system the rigidity appearance achieve the standardization of the order and management better. The a comparison of this two context culture’s features is as follows in Table 1 ) Table you: The comparison of the HC and LC Culture’s features (Lustig and Koester, 1999)

High Circumstance Culture

Low Context Lifestyle

Implicit and Veiled Communication Way

Direct and Immediate Communication Method

Code Information

Clear Info

Several Differences between Internal and External

The Flexible Relationship between Internal and External

More non-verbal Code

Detailed Mental Code

High Dedication

Low Commitment

Strong Interpersonal Relationships

Estranged Social Relationships

Less Demonstrative Response

Demonstrative Response

Extremely Flexible of the time

Highly Structured of your energy

The above analysis demonstrates that the feature of HC and LC have large differences about culture and communication, Lustig and Koester (2001) points out HC lifestyle mainly depends upon what preset software of peoples’ thought to convey information, such as a large number of unwritten traditions, unspoken ideals and society generally accepted patterns of behavior. And yet LC tradition, it emphasizes the reason and logic, which is on the basis of rationality to deduce with the bottom line to use the logical approach, transfer info clearly through language, and regard the implicit manifestation way while unclear pondering or deficiency of politeness. Inside the actual enterprise and sociable management, both the cultures must be mutual transmission and fusion, and match each other, that assist the venture to create the harmonious and efficient management mechanism, and promote the harmonious advancement society (Ahmed, et approach., 2009).

3. 2 The compared research between Southern Korea, Chinese suppliers and Laxa, sweden, Canada slipping into every category

Each culture is usually forming in the long-term famous development process of accumulation. Every culture has its own potential and unique, specifically the recessiveculture, the recessive culture has the intangible affect to people, in like manner the success of cross-cultural communication has more threatening (Chua and Gudykunst, 1987). The distinction among high and low circumstance culture of Hall which is overall summary to the features of different civilizations, especially the popular features of recessive culture, and to explore their historic origin and understand all their characteristics which is the necessary subject of cross-cultural communication. According to the research of Hall, Southern Korea and China belong to the substantial context traditions, while Sweden and Canada are prejudiced towards the low context traditions.

3. 2 . 1 The High Circumstance Culture of South Korea

South Korea belongs to substantial context culture country, because Kim, ainsi que al. (1998)suggest that South Korea is influenced by traditional Oriental Confucianism, after many years of accumulation of lifestyle, it has a similar background of China, and has produced a certain ideals, beliefs and code of conduct, and so forth, this is a long-term accumulation of lifestyle, which has family member stability. Consequently , in the process of communication of folks in Southern Korea, information already provides the background information, and do not need to clearly expressed, they can fully understand, this kind of creates the greater hidden social communication in South Korea. In To the south Korea, persons especially focus on courtesy, and steer clear of calling name of each other directly in the communication. Running a business communication, Avruch (2004) shows that South Koreans prefer to utilize un-opposite and indirect attitude, and terminology strategy, the true meaning of expression often need to through reasoning to understand, even if they just do not agree with every single other’s opinions, they will not claim “no and rarely straight refuse or perhaps refute, at times they will also use silence instead of rejection. Terminology is courteous and veiled, which steer clear of friction immediately. Due to the large context lifestyle, the common expression in the wooden persons will get even more trust in Southern region Korea.

several. 2 . a couple of The Excessive Context Tradition of Cina

Because of tradition and record, China has become a typical excessive context lifestyle. People live in a fixed place for a long time, the pace of life is organised. In the long term, interpersonal change is definitely slow and amplitude is usually small , people’s life knowledge and network are very straightforward (Kim, ain al., 1998).

Chinese expression is fuzzy and implicative, very much information with the cultural meaning, most of the data is not clearly expressed, which always utilize indirect and roundabout appearance, the meaning with the words usually exist in language, this kind of communication method both leave wiggle place for each different, and also avoid loss of confront. In addition , the chinese language need not always be the main stations of information in the China, the gestures, space distance and silence also can convey tips and communicate the feelings. Therefore , Chinese individuals are more very sensitive to the points around and environment, tend not to through terminology can also communicate their thoughts. As Area (1976) pointed out: “high circumstance culture is somewhat more dependent on and familiar with non-verbal communication.  In large context traditions, through the surrounding environment, people can gain a lot of information, there is no need to reveal every thing. In China and tiawan, for example , including the sentence of “I appreciate you which will show the term of like, they hardly ever speak away directly, because information features transmitted through the context.

several. 2 . a few The Low Context Culture of Sweden

Even though the culture of Sweden may be the opposite, a part of low context traditions. They do not like Chinese and Koreans in order to take into consideration the feelings of others, to express their concepts euphemistically. They will directly demonstrate their attitude (Niemeier ou al, 1998). In Sweden, people are articulate and usually proficient at verbal appearance that will popular. In the process of business conversation, the conflict does not mean that their unhappiness, which will displays their own thoughts, they think when face the disagreement, clearly tell their ideas could be better to get solving the challenge. In addition , discussions between companies in Laxa, sweden, they will straight to the idea, and complete the scheduled goal quickly, which will hope to individual work and play totally, achieve the offer as soon as possible (Jarvenpaa, et ing., 1999). Plus the Swede is known as a representative of the linear notion of time, whom pursue the velocity and productivity, they asked to do anything relative to the routine strictly, their particular work habits are that to carry out the negotiations as a way, and after make sure the involved problems clearly, in that case step by step to resolve, the initial terms will not completely fix they will not negotiate the second. When in same meeting negotiates a few issues in Chinese suppliers which isvery normal, which usually reflect the differences between high context and low circumstance culture.

3. 2 . some The Low Context Culture of Canada

Canada also is low context culture, which will emphasize easy, and arrive straight to the question when they are in process of communication, all the information should be conveyed while using clear and easy words by simply language, and quite often have no hidden meaning between lines of words, the Canadians happy to bluntly share their opinions (Hall and Hall, 1990). In the process of business communication, Canadians usually energetic and outgoing, who like the direct honest method of negotiations, the expression has naturally transactional and economic. At the same time of settlement, they wanted to make clear their own point of view, who utilize simple and obvious language to show the idea, they think that discussion is not only the rights of presenting the consumer opinion, although also can fix the problem, nevertheless this kind of practice for countries that have substantial context traditions is hard to take, which believe Canadians are incredibly aggressive. In the eyes of Canadians, they believe that peace and quiet is rude behavior (Salleh, 2005). three or more. 3 The weaknesses of Hall’s high and low context type of culture (1990) However , although model of Hall’s high context and low context lifestyle has made great achievement on the analysis of national culture, and also supplies reference for most scholars to help them to research the earth culture. It still has several weaknesses in this model. Area only offers that the strategy and popular features of high and low context culture, which will does not provide the integrated system and detailed data to show his discussion, and he does not classify all the countries, thus creating the unclear classification of some countries. Some students such as Hofstede’s (2008) Individuality vs . Collectivism Dimension, Trompenaars’s (1998) Seven Dimensions of Culture, GLOBE authors (House et approach., 2004), etc . which will have an overabundance evidences to argue the everywhere context tradition, which confirm the cons of Hall’s model. Kramsch (1993) offers that large context tradition often offers too much focus on the human thoughts, by guideline of people rather than the legal system, which often deficiency of efficiency about operation. Whilst low context culture stress on the rationality, and get caught in the mechanical and stiff in the process of execution.

several. 4 The Cases of Business Communication on Excessive Context Traditions and Low Context Lifestyle of Hall

According to the previously mentioned analysis and critically examine of Hall’s high and low circumstance model, this report will provide the sort of business communication such as AUDI’s official web page in different countries which are South Korea and China (high context culture) and Sweden and Canada (low framework culture) while below. AUDI is the globe popular high-class car manufacturer, and is as well one of the world’s most successful brands in Germany which usually sells worldwide. As following, this statement will demonstrate the different efficiency of AUDI’s official site in different countries of high and low context culture.

several. 4. you AUDI in China

The moment opening the state website of AUDI in China as show in Appendix of Figure 1, on the qualifications of reddish colored jump in the view of shoppers, because this is a Chinese Planting season Festival just lately, the red represents the favorable fortune plus the best wishes, which usually brings the Chinese customers to the effect on the perspective. The kinds of picture is usually rendered in dynamic as well as the second picture (see Appendix of Number 2) shows the activity of valentine’s day which is to buy a car to present the luxurious gift, the text for the image is that ‘ their very own holiday is known as a day, each day of your getaway is junior ‘, the corporation uses the reserved phrases to express that AUDI’s give you the activity of offering the gifts when the buyers purchase the car, rather than straight express the experience content (AUDI, n. g. ). Since Chinese persons can find much deeper meaning in the act of observing pictures, and it also embodies which the communication form of AUDI in high circumstance culture of China. In addition , the AUDI in China’s official internet site use more gorgeous and colorful images, which likewise reflects the Chinese take notice of the visual pleasure and feeling in the process of cultural conversation.

3. four. 2 AUDI in Sweden

Compared with the company communication of AUDI in China, Laxa, sweden as the lower context culture country, the state website of AUDI gives more compact terms and sole color of picture (AUDI, d. d. ), which do not such as the picture in China web page which has the red qualifications, it mainly has the colour of black and white(see the Number 3 in Appendix). Every single picture gets the link to transfer another page which has extended paragraph to introduce the auto in detail (see the Determine 4 in Appendix). This kind of also reflects that the AUDIaccording to the low context traditions of Laxa, sweden to put into action the particular business communication. It is unlike South Korea and Cina, the home site of AUDI in Sweden utilize the straightforward words and single color pictures to present the clear information about the performance and sort of car, which will satisfy the dependence on low context culture in Sweden mainly because in the business interaction, Swedish likes to choose the immediate information of car to enable them to find the newest product.

three or more. 4. three or more AUDI in South Korea

The official website of AUDI in To the south Korea is similar with the design and style style of AUDI in China and tiawan. Because Southern region Korea also belongs to the high context lifestyle, the style of web page is simple and laconic, you will find little words to decorate the images. When wide open the AUDI’s official internet site in To the south Korea, it’s the advertising online video about “The New Audi A3 Sedan, advertising is usually not directly share the car’s performance and technology, simply using the stunning images and implicit text which is “it changes everything to make the metaphor of the perfect performance of the car, and will let the customer to like it (AUDI, in. d. ). Because Southern region Koreans can also be high context culture, Korean customers can simply understand the which means of advertising campaign. Besides, when browsing the web, the customer will discover that every picture below gets the button which can be directly connected to Facebook, Myspace and Vimeo (see Determine 5 in Appendix). It truly is convenient can be to search and share the interesting video content, it also will help company for indirect promozione and increase the pleasure of Korean buyers (Würtz, 2005). All type of website shows a wonderful and luxuriant articles, this is because the Korean will present their particular information to the others in the process of communication, and they also hope that to grasp more information slowly through their particular understanding, which will reflects the characteristics of high circumstance culture.

three or more. 4. 4 AUDI in Canada

When surfing around the home webpage of AUDI in Canada, the design of web page is easy and very clear. (see the Figure six in Appendix). Although there will be four rolling images in automatic substitute, but the material on the photo are also incredibly compact (AUDI, n. deb. ). As well as to introduce the AUDI’s fresh car which can be “The Fresh AUDI A3 Sedan, within the South Korea website can be anadvertising film and implicative words to show, while in Canada website which is the promotion pictures in the car and write the phrase directly on the picture which is “The all ” New 2015 A3 Four door is arriving “. (see the Physique 7 in Appendix). This is certainly associated with the lifestyle of Canada, because Canada is a part of low circumstance culture nation, when they help to make business interaction, Canadians like straightforward way to express all their opinions, that is the reason why the site information of AUDI canada is only about the immediate introduction. The color of the web site design is very single (AUDI, and. d. ), but every propaganda of picture provides a link to analyse the detail about the data of merchandise, which to assist customers to know the efficiency of the car better. It conforms the straightforward and direct cultural factors of Canada.

4. Results

This survey is as the goal of cross-cultural connection to discuss the high circumstance culture and low framework culture type of Hall. First of all, this report defines and explains the Hall’s everywhere context tradition and its features. Then, based upon the attributes of unit, it gives some instances of countries just like South Korea and Cina which is high framework culture and Sweden and Canada which are the representative of low context lifestyle and also bring in their connection way that prove the practicability of Hall’s version. Furthermore, although the model recieve more contribution towards the research of cross-cultural interaction, on the basis of the study of several scholars, several weaknesses on this model will be reported. In order to realize diverse business connection in different countries, this report provides the performances of AUDI’s official internet site in To the south Korea, Chinese suppliers, Sweden and Canada, which respectively is owned by high framework culture and low circumstance culture. In AUDI’s official website, it clearly demonstrates that in South Korea and China, the web site reflects the high context culture which in turn utilizes even more the moving pictures and the simple words to show the numerous activities of company that may reflect the AUDI’s superb services. When in Sweden and Canada, the connection style of AUDI’s official internet site is simple and brief, and directly put the performance of cars within the pictures, which embody the business enterprise communication of AUDI in low framework culture region. The successof AUDI incarnates the availability of Hall’s model.

5. References

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6. Appendix

Figure 1: AUDI China

Determine 2: AUDI China

Physique 3: AUDI Sweden

Figure4: AUDI Laxa, sweden

Figure five: AUDI To the south Korea

Physique 6: AUDI Canada

Number 7: AUDI Canada


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