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Comcast offers Review

The author of this report has been asked to complete a brief report on Comcast Corporation from a strategic management perspective. This review will include a look at and a great analysis with their mission/vision assertions, the company’s main stakeholders, perhaps the aforementioned mission/vision statements are in line with the needs from the stakeholders, perhaps the organization snacks their stakeholders properly as when compared to their needs or perhaps the mission/vision affirmation and if the values happen to be in line with the volatile market within which will Comcast competes.

In looking at the mission/vision section of the Comcast web page, a few issues become apparent. First of all, the broader firm that Comcast offers inhabits is quite large plus the amount of stakeholders will be rather big. Indeed, Comcast is actually owned or operated by NBC and NBC Universal. This would mean that a single company involves multiple hands and portions that all affect a lot of people. One particular arm would be the news wing which might include NBC Network Reports, CNBC and MSNBC. Next up would be the entertainment wing of NBC. Finally, we come to Comcast offers which is the greatest cable firm in the nation. However , there are some other big players available in the market as well. Without a doubt, Comcast is known as a solid start with 112 million members and they have a existence in 40 states. Time Warner can be described as distant second with sixty-eight million subscribers and they are in twenty-nine says. Charter Connection is even more behind with thirty mil subscribers but in reality inhabit twenty-nine states. Next would be Cox Communications with 22 , 000, 000 subscribers and so they exist in only eighteen says (Broadband Right now, 2015).

As for Comcast being a company particularly, they beliefs they express are listed on the website. Of course , stated value and fundamental values can be the same plus they might be diverse. The reason is that not every companies practice what they preached when it comes to the values that they say they may have. Even so, the author of this statement will initial focus on what Comcast says it features. The Comcast wing of NBC is made up of several main sections and realms. That they include technology, television, internet access, internet essentials, communications, cellular and residence. They also dedicate a lot of resources to things like their particular business side of businesses and their advertising and marketing efforts. They also have what is known because the Comcast offers Foundation which includes contributed regarding $158 mil USD to help “strengthen the communities we all serve” (Comcast, 2015). They report that they can invest in applications and nonprofit agencies that help with such things as the growth of digital literacy, the promotion of community service and the building of tomorrow’s leaders and visionaries (Comcast, 2015).

With regards to the principles that Comcast espouses, they may have four main dimensions that they can speak to on their values site. Those areas are community investment, variety and addition, the environment and integrity. Given that these have been completely identified, the stakeholders of Comcast needs to be identified. First of all would be the business bigwigs by NBC which might be ultimately in charge of what Comcast does. There are also the managers and business owners that deal with Comcast specifically. Third, there is the employees that work at Comcast around the country or even the community if they will happen to have got any overseas employees. To this date, Comcast Firm is exchanged as a open public company on the NASDAQ exchange. One proverbial elephant that is certainly in the room as much as Comcast moves is that a large number of decry the fact that a single broader organization (NBC/Comcast) provides both a media route to show their very own wares but are also a supplier that runs the in order to the end users. In the sight of many, these two must not intersect inside the same business but it is totally happening with regards to NBC/Comcast (Yahoo Finance, 2015).

With all of with that being said

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