Common core skills Essay

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The key areas in current guidelines which correspond with the safeguarding of children (1. 1). 2 . Evaluate the efficiency of a variety of activities which can be used to motivate children to guard themselves (1. 2) a few.

Explain by least 3 different types of transitions that children can knowledge over the age range birth to 16 years. Analyse the effect of the transition on kids at a particular stage of development. (2. 1 and 2 . 2). Analyse the importance of play in helping a child’s development. a few.

For this process you need to determine 3 play activities for the children of different age range. We want you to evaluate their effectiveness, determine the supplies you need, how come you have chosen the materials chosen and any kind of health and basic safety implications. (3. 1, a few.

2, three or more. 3 and 3. 4) 7. What makes it important that you consider the health and safety significance for both the perform activity plus the materials utilized? 9. The moment communicating with kids you need to keep your communication is appropricate for their stage of creation. How can you accomplish this? Please provide examples inside your answer. (4.

2). 12. During your schooling you discovered different communication methods. Choose some of these methods and examine their efficiency. (4. 3). 11.

Describe the main features of a multiple agency group. (5. 1). 12. Exactly what the benefits of a multi agency team? 13.

Why do you really, as a childcare professional, need to be aware of multi firm working and team operating? (5. 3). 14. Being a nanny you may need to be dealing with a range of other professionals.

How might working in this way ensure the needs with the child happen to be met? (5. 4) 15. Using the table below examine which specialists you would have to be involved with and the role.

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