Communicating With and About People with Disabilities Essay

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1 . The network etiquette consists of a lot of rules, that happen to be important to stick to, when you are inside the cyberspace. There are many rules, that we comply with, while i am interacting in chats, discussing some thing in message boards or swapping letters. The first regulation is that the regards with the interlocutor in the virtual world must be like the one in the real world.

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The second rule is not to misuse your electricity. In my opinion, these rules are very important, since they encourage Internet users being polite in the virtual space. The first rule is very important due to the fact that this always reminds you that in cyberspace you have to behave your self as if you were speaking to an individual face to face. I believe, compliance with this secret helps you to watch other guidelines of network etiquette.

The other rule reminds the Internet users to keep their very own advantages to themselves and not to use these types of advantages within their own pursuits. In wider context, this rule compares to the theory of threshold, which is the cornerstone in the democratic society. Finally, in my point of view, observance of such two rules of etiquette helps you to act politely in the cyberspace.

2 . There are some ideas of communicating with persons with disabilities, that i have never used before. These are generally some tips pertaining to communicating with individuals who are blind or perhaps visually disadvantaged and suggestions that offer assistance, if the person has difficulty opening a door (1, 2007). Merely were therapist, I would always use these ideas, in order to converse with people with disabilities. For example , while i am speaking with individuals who are hard of hearing or hard of experiencing, my tone is very loud and clear. Sometimes We write the things i want to say, so that the affected person clearly knows me.

Merely had a individual with signal language interpreter, it would be very important to speak directly to the person and look at the patient eyes, although not at the interpreter. In conclusion, observance of recommendations for communication with persons with disabilities lets me approach all their problems more closely. I would find common language with patients in a short time, and we would figure out each other better.

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