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Guidelines: Complete this matrix simply by filling in the box for each in the five connection theories together with the following 4 items: the theory definition, the primary principles in the theory, a real-world theory example, and an application of every theory to virtual connection. Social Exchange Theory Theory that endeavors to explain man behavior with regards to as behavioral psychology. The primary principle on this theory is usually social interactions are the outcome of an exchange process with the purpose of increasing the benefits and minimizing costs.

An example of this kind of theory is asking somebody out on a date, but you hate the fact that he/she lacks money or perhaps good looks, yet he/she is usually caring and fun to hang out with all the therefore you get because the benefits outweigh the fee. The benefits of online communication consist of freedom in the constraints of your energy and space but the costs is the likelihood for misunderstanding when we are not able to see every other’s cosmetic expressions or perhaps tone of voice. Systems Theory Devices theory can be an open system of interdependent components, employing insight variables and process factors to produce output.

The key principle should be to receive insight, process input and produce an result An example can be in a group you collectively develop a activity from suggestions and anticipate productivity being a output. Interconnection through the net can alter patterns in many ways producing the system even more open. Representational Convergence Theory Theory of communication that explains how certain types of communication shape a group’s identity and culture, which influence various other dynamics.

Share group fantasies create emblematic convergence. In a business symbolic convergence is used to determine the actual customers like about the business which allows the business to appeal to the customer. In, virtual conversation the possibilities intended for visual, spoken, or auditory communication could make new strategies for fantasy themes and group identification. Structuration Theory Theory that delivers a general framework and explains just how people composition their teams by making active use of guidelines and solutions. The main function of this theory is to focus attention on individuals’ behaviours in groupings rather than about dynamics of groups.

Basketball team is a example of structuration theory, since it has structure and guidelines that all members must follow. The coach is definitely the leader and implements the rules for they to follow. use of computers, e-mail, and the internet as methods can broaden the repertoire of buildings available to group members. Functional Theory Interaction in groups that features to promote appear reasoning, prevent errors, and create relationships among all members. Focus on results and outcomes of group actions and composition. In a group where users use this theory to make decisions and solve complications.

Use of online group communication to enhance aspects of group discussion by increasing dialogue further than a meeting area.

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