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Often times, community college students will be depicted by the public as well as the media because “not clever enough” or perhaps “not competent. ” For example , just recently I was at Bn and as I had been looking for a book the sales person approached me. The lady asked me basically needed help then asked me what university I went to, when I told her that I go to Fullerton College or university her frame of mind changed.

The lady asked me merely didn’t go to a four yr university due to my marks, when I told her that, that wasn’t the main reason she continued ranting i need to do good at school and I shouldn’t be for a community school.

It seems that the population look down on the students at community college. When watching the demonstrate, “Blue Hill State, ” you have a team of friends which can be on the universities football team. On the show is definitely portrays the typical university life and the sports players take part in heavy ingesting, drugs and plenty of sex.

When a four university is offering that then precisely what is so good regarding going to 1? Often times you hear about crazier parties placed by schools rather than community colleges. Educational institutions are supposed to be prestigious but these huge celebrations are tossing them off. Many times the public says that community college or university is no good because of its functions with prescription drugs, they say essential no learners should shoot for community schools but statistics say that colleges throw the biggest parties. Who also are the criminals now? New talk on the webpage collegeconfidential. omkring, students discuss how their particular parents will not want their children to go to a residential area college. This can be a website to get real people with answers from people who have acquired the experiences.

Students just just lately posted that his father and mother did not wish him to visit a community college or university because they are no good. Many individuals were quick to respond to his post, most people who responded were adults who have got the experience, possibly some teachers, and they informed him that community college is pretty good at all. The responders replied by saying ommunity college or university has great professors and they are cheaper than the usual four year university. Certainly at a four year university you will get a bit better education, but for those who cannot afford the costs it is perfect for them. For example , a user, “NTKTOP, ” posted this comment. “My parents say that that they suck and that they’re going to conquer me away from home if I go to one. ” This scholar sees practically nothing wrong with community college or university but his parents carry out, then this is what one San Diego State College or university graduate was required to say, “I don’t think they’re bad.

Naturally , it depends on the school you choose and professor you obtain, but option same of any classic school. CLOSED CIRCUIT can be a good jumping table for some persons. No matter where you go, you will find easy professors however in my knowledge CC is actually a not a awful choice. ” This is my own second term in a community college; until now everything continues to be going good. The teachers I have got are not very hard but usually do not give easy grades. Previous semester I had fashioned a The spanish language class that was for advanced speakers but there are some things that did not click in my mind.

My own professor would stay with me after class to try and help me to higher understand the materials. This term my math class has tutors that they can offer at no cost. I make the most of these assets because they are free and the instructors are willing to help me out without the problem. The stories My spouse and i hear from my buddies in community college happen to be that they have professors that maintain the present student’s education; they do not give easy grades just because we are in community school. Many professors want to increase our expertise and make us pertaining to our copy to a university.

No matter where going, you will get a great education. The United States is known around the world for its renowned schools. A major part has to travel from the college students, if the scholar is happy to put in the time, dedication and energy their opportunities are limitless. So far, community college is a huge great encounter for me. I possess great professors who are always able to help. The multimedia tries to opt for on community colleges however in reality, this is the choice in this economic system.

Many pupils that leave a four year college or university have a huge personal debt to spend because of loans. Many college students choose community college because it is a fraction of the cost of a university. I actually do not believe that it is fair the moment parents judge community universities as negative; you can get a great education for the very affordable selling price. You can go to a community college such as Fullerton School, which has wonderful professors, towards your general education classes taken care of for a reduced price then copy to a several year university to generally focus on the degree classes.


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