Community College vs Four-Year College Essay

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Many persons feel that being in a community college is definitely effortless. Students studying within a four-year college or university speculate those students whom are enrolled in a community university are “living the life”, meaning they cannot have virtually any worries regarding anything and are taking the easy way out to accomplish some sort of degree or certification.

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Yet , most four-year college students’ assumptions happen to be false. We face many varieties of issues that we need to manage on a daily basis. A few few illustrations are travel, family, work and so on.

Both equally colleges might be receiving the same level of education nevertheless for a community college student, it is more than just the education. I, for example , drive to school every single day from Dumont to Paramus which is about thirty minutes away not including the traffic during peak several hours. Right now the price of a gallon of gas is about $3.

65; my own car is known as a V6 engine and takes about 2 gallons of gas back and forth Bergen Community College or university. Unlike four-year colleges, they have onsite dorms that are dedicated to their main building to get an easier usage of their institution. Sometimes they have free campus shuttles to bring them in one building to another.

Next is family, learners who are in a 4 year colleges would not have to deal with their very own family since they are away from home. In contrast to us, college students in community colleges, we need to take part in helping with our family members. Whenever We get home via my early morning classes, We clean the home, take out the trash and run chores that need to be carried out. Then there is the thought of being forced to for shell out the gas for the cars or bus costs for those who tend not to own a car.

How do we earn money? By functioning! Compare to college students who will be in a 4 year college, all of their expenses will be covered by their particular financial aid and tuition fees that their particular parents paid out. Most of the people I realize who happen to be in a four-year college as well receives regular allowance off their parents.

Regarding us, the students in a community college, many of us work in so that it will fill the cars with gas to attend school and possess enough cash for our very own extra expenditures. I prefer to provide my own cash flow rather than ask my parents for cash. They already work hard to purchase my college tuition fees, plus the least I possibly could do is pay for my personal extra expenditures such as gas.

Overall, inside my own thoughts and opinions, being a community-college student is not an convenient thing even though we may sound effortless; we still encounter much more number of issues on a daily basis.

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