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In the real world, people are not living by themselves, independent and alone. They usually live with sets of people surrounding them, and they try to survive with each other. This is named community. A residential area is a contemporary society where people live together and take care of the other person. Therefore , a community as a representative of many people has responsibilities to protect each sole member in a group. A community should offer security, trust and honesty, and more importantly, happiness.

Since a community is a lot like a best good friend for people, it will give protection, trust and honesty. People living within a community rely on it. Persons do businesses, make money, and live in a residential area. People have functions and activities in it. People are taking pleasure in their period living in it. In order to allow people to have the same enjoyment and entertainment in a community, it should give security to make sure that just about every house, every individual, every thing has safeties and prevention of crimes. It must provide trust and trustworthiness to each person to have faith and commitment about it.

In addition , happiness is one of the major items that a community should make it for its people. You do not make people disappointed and angry at you mainly because they can cause you to be to be by itself by yourself. Therefore , as a community, if a community gives delight to people, persons will live happily, and they’ll try their utmost to make their community as the best of the best.

For example , a community just like cyberspace ought to give security and happiness to people who are using the online world. Since the internet business is more advanced and intricate year after year, it really is getting damaging to internet users. Because some people set a damaged or virus programs and sites on the internet to make other users crash their computers. Not only are they harmful to certain people, but for other users. Thats why the cyberspace should create a lot of source of system, which protect the internet against those troublemakers.

Plus, however, cyberspace should give entertainment and differs of modern technology to nearly all people to be sure to obtain satisfactory and happiness. It will give new, updated details and courses that people have never seen prior to. It should support services that could do digitally transfer things like credits, nachrichten, letters, in addition others.

In reality, not every community in different countries has the same qualities as others. Some have good reputations, however, many do not. Although there is always some thing you can do to create it better for community that has awful reputations. My own suggestion is the fact people in the particular community have to adhere together plus they have to try their hardest work to enhance their neighborhoods.

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