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Throughout every traditions there are many similar customs, however it is the personal experiences which make the cultures different and diverse. In the book Things Break apart by Chinua Achebe, the key character Okonkwo lives in Umofia until the tribe exiles him for inadvertently killing a male in his village. After eight years the individuals of his village permit him to return to Umofia, among his return you will find white missionaries in his town that have arrive to introduce christianity to his persons.

Okonkwo quickly realizes that his community is now distorted. The brief story A lot more Sweet For Kumansenu by Abioseh Nicol, expresses the strong associations between the living and the lifeless that are within African lifestyle. The religious beliefs, interpersonal structures and attitudes toward the lifeless represented in Things Fall Apart are similarly similar and various to the principles present in the short history Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu.

Death is a natural part of the circle of life, plus the way the dead happen to be treated differs from culture to culture.

In Life Is Sweet By Kumansenu, a grandmother (Bola) and her granddaughter (Asi) receive a sudden visit in the spirit of their son/father Meji. Except it truly is unknown to Bola and Asi that their dearly loved is a heart until following he leaves them. Mr. Addai announces Meji’s loss of life to the town on Mon, “‘But I tell you, having been here on Thursday and remaining Sunday morning hours, ‘ Online said. ‘He couldn’t possess died about Friday. ‘ (Abioseh 10). The heart of Meji had return to his family to say his final goodbyes and thank his mother for all your woman had completed for him.

In the Photography equipment culture that they worship and praise the dead, since the deceased are a large part of all their lives and culture. Similarly in Items Fall Apart, Okonkwo’s people rely on spirits of the Nigerian people, also called the egwugwu. The individuals of Umofia both dread and respect the egwugwu, “A woman fled the moment an egwugwu came in look. And when, because on that day, seven of the very best masked mood in the group came out collectively it was a terrifying vision.  (Achebe 78). The individuals of Umofia believe that the egwugwu include magical forces, and know that when they are present someone probably will be taken as being a sacrifice to the gods. Those of Photography equipment descent handle the useless with superb respect and think very of them.

There are many different types of religion in the world, in lots of African cultures the people will be polytheistic. In Things Break apart not only do they praise gods and priestesses nevertheless they idolize state of mind too; such as the ojbange. The ojbange is known as a child who have previously passed away, but comes back to bother the mom and be reborn. “Some of those did turn into tired of all their evil rounds of delivery and death, or took pity on their mothers, and stayed.  (Achebe 70).

Some of these kids did continue their lives and grow into adults, nevertheless most of them die as children or newborns. Also in Life Is Nice At Kumansenu the mothers of ojbange children are bullied and teased and laughed at by the community people. “All the years of their married life, people had explained she was obviously a witch mainly because her kids had died young. (Abioseh 6). Despite the fact that most likely it is far from the because of the mom that the youngster had passed away, the people with the village forget about that and still outcast all of them for their “witchcraft.

A major sociable custom in African traditions and many other cultures is meals. Food has the strength to bring a lot of people together. In Things Fall Apart we see this kind of during the feast for Obierika’s daughters marriage shower. “As the evening dressed in on, meals was offered to the friends. There were enormous bowls of foo-foo and steaming planting pots of soup.

There were also pots of yam pottage. It was a fantastic feast.  (Achebe 104). Everyone, across the world, eats meals; it is the tested recipes and different food that make the feeling diverse. Similarly in Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu, Bola uses meals to pleasant home her son. “We must make a feast, we have to have a huge feast. I need to tell the neighbors simultaneously.  (Abioseh 3). Bola’s excitement that her kid is home calls for a celebration. When ever having people over 9 out of ten moments food will be involved in a way. Food is something that nearly all people have in common, and is something they think regarding everyday.

The religious values, attitudes toward the useless and cultural customs make Things Fall Apart and Life Is Sweet In Kumansenu similarly similar and various. Two several African stories, from the same culture nevertheless that have several traditions and techniques is why our society different and diverse.


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