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Leonardo The future actor

The speeches chosen just for this essay are from George Bush and Leonardo The future actor, Bush’s presentation is drafted and DiCaprio’s is natural. The purpose of Bush’s speech is to uplift the American citizens after the 911 assault, it is to persuade the people of America to stand good and to combine against the terrorists, whereas, DiCaprio’s speech was going to inform the group about environment change. Antithesis is a strategy that will be used to analyse the chosen messages. Twelve several hours after the 9/11 terror problems in America, Bush is seen in his workplace during the speech but still remains to be sat up correct in a self-confident manner to demonstrate that he can an respected figure, which is important for a world leader. Bush is in the white house, this shows power as that is certainly where presidents are found. Rose bush is dressed up in a business suit, this is to be professional. Bush begins having a calm tone of voice, letting those know what experienced happened and this as their leader and head, he pertains with his viewers and their loss. He then starts to speak with a assured voice, reminding America that he is a powerful leader and this no acts of dread could break the spirit of America. Bush also begins to speak with a stern voice ” his sternness is aimed at individuals who were responsible for the problems. Bush continues to be calmn, this really is seen as more beneficial than in the event that he were to cause a field. Bush’s face expression varies from a look of concern to empathize with the audience and a stern check out intimidate people who were included in the assault (Baker, 2014).

In Bush’s talk is sincere throughout, that makes it easier to persuade using emotive language, this is how Pathos is located. He uses antithesis in his sentence “terrorist attacks may shake the building blocks of our biggest buildings, nonetheless they cannot feel the foundation of America. inches The concept of America is that it is a place of dreams and options, he states that even though buildings were destroyed, no one can destroy the dream that may be America, he uses this metaphor to add sincerity and meaning to his assertion. Bush as well uses Logos in his conversation, he provides one example of factual primarily based information including the message of how urgent and tragic the case is good results . little info, “pictures of airplanes flying into buildings, first losing ” big structures falling apart. ” Following up on “Immediately following the first harm, I integrated our govt emergency response plan” ” this was also used to assure trust in the audience that their director acted quickly and expertly without worry. Bush uses Ethos in the speech to appeal for the ethics present in the American people, this individual speaks regarding human ideals and the flexibility of America (Wang, 2012). Anaphora is used to emphasize the importance of how terribly America was affected by the tragedy, he uses “our” as a personal pronoun because he wants the group to know it wasn’t simply him whom suffered that day, however the whole of America (Crutcher, 2012).

Bush uses analogies in the speech such as “we would be the brightest bright spot for flexibility and no a single will keep that light by shining” ” he uses the word ‘beacon’ as an analogy to symbolise America as a bright light where dreams can happen. He states “no one can keep that light from shining” which makes the analogy become more active, it gives the audience something to hang onto, that even in such tragic events there is certainly still expect. Bush uses metaphors in “These functions shattered stainlesss steel, but they simply cannot dent the steel of American resolve”, this kind of usage of metaphors is to get a communication across to the attackers, that they can try and break inanimate items in America however they cannot break what they are a symbol of and believe in, which is peace and dreams. Bush also uses metaphors to make his speech even more intriguing to listen to (Bhogal, 2016).

This kind of speech is usually spoken with a politic, Rose bush uses promozione as a powerful technique to call and make an influential presentation, words just like ‘military’ and ‘federal agents’ are mentioned to tell the audience that there are enforces being applied to protect America. Bush also uses images in his talk, in the sentence “the photographs of aircraft flying in to buildings ” “paints a photo in the audience’s mind of what happened that day. Rose bush makes the talk more personal by adding a bible verse, “Pslam 23: though I walk through the valley of the shadow of fatality, I fear no wicked for you are with me” this presents comfort for the audience, the usage of the word “evil” stirs sentiment and happens at the audience’s hearts. Through the entire speech Bush uses personal pronouns including ‘our nation’, this is to make the speech more personal, that puts around to the market that it’s not just his region but recharging options the audience’s country. He uses this kind of to sympathize with his many other citizens, “we stand with each other to earn the conflict against terrorism” this is also a usage of promoción, because really their prevalent beliefs which enables them a great nation (Chambers, 2012).

Bush’s speech could be seen as biased because it is from one person’s point of view and opinion, some people might have felt angry instead of sad and disbelief, Bush uses formal language which is what the audience would have recently been expecting from other president, their particular reactions would have varied coming from sadness, anger but also inspiration as it is an uplifting speech. Bush uses unnecessary repetition throughout the presentation such as “mass murder”, “biggest buildings” and “brightest beacon”, this stresses his assertion. Bush as well uses repetition in his talk, words just like “freedom”, “foundation”.

(https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=AOoP56eXtzM, 28/02/2016)

DiCaprio’s speech is definitely during the 2016 Oscars when he won initially. DiCaprio’s tone of voice is comfortable, but not over-confident, he remains humble and grateful through the entire speech. This individual speaks with a calm, nearly casual tone that is simple to listen to. He keeps fixing their gaze with the market throughout, this can be to make a reference to them. After saying thanks to everybody, DiCaprio after that paused for a few seconds before beginning to make a smaller sized speech regarding climate transform. During this part of the speech his voice becomes slightly even louder, this was to demonstrate that he is passionate about the main cause of climate transform and makes to persuade everyone around the world to assist out is to do their component.

Through the first component to his presentation, his purpose is gratitude, he is thankful for his get and starts to thank everybody he wishes to say thanks to. He starts by thanking many other actor Ben Hardy, “to my brother in this endeavour “”here DiCaprio uses personal pronouns as he phone calls Tom his brother, this is usage of emotive language and Pathos. DiCaprio also thank you his parents and other close friends for his win, this kind of use of emotive language is exactly what the audience is definitely expecting to notice at an merit ceremony. The other part of his speech uses logos, inside the line “the world that we collectively believed in 2015 as the most popular year in recorded history” DiCaprio uses facts to see the audience regarding climate transform and the impacts it has around the world. The future actor uses Diathesis by attractive to the wider audience that may be watching at home, he is sharing with the audience that we now have people who are enduring in the world, inside the line “for the billions and vast amounts of underprivileged people”. Here this individual also uses repetition, but it is seen more often in his thank you talk.

DiCaprio uses a broad variety of adjectives just like ‘transcendent’ and ‘urgent’ to draw importance to his sentence. DiCaprio also uses the word ‘species’ to describe the audience, this could be to keep professional and that the audience usually takes him critically (Hanley, 2016). He then uses Pathos to evoke misery into the viewers by saying how humans are eliminating the planet. DiCaprio’s main goal through this speech should be to persuade the group into doing something and helping out with climate change, to speak out for those who have no a words, he says this because he is definitely standing in front side of an market of superstars who have affect over the world, DiCaprio wants those to use their voices pertaining to the greater good.

The future actor has a handful of pauses in his speech but this is mainly during applauses and when this individual needs to breathe, you can see how excited this individual gets during his conversation and he even stumbles on his phrases a few times, this might be down to nerves. He uses emphasis on phrases such as in the line “for our children’s children”, he stresses for the word ‘children’ because he likes you the future generation and how they will be affected by local climate change. Below he also uses personal pronouns thus relate while using audience (Hoffman, 2016).

In conclusion, the two Bush and DiCaprio’s speeches and toasts were powerfulk in different methods, Bush’s talk was anticipated of him, it was crafted in a way to assist bring convenience to his audience. Whereas DiCaprio’s presentation ” though it was anticipated of him to thank everybody, it absolutely was unexpected if he began to speak about climate alter. Because DiCaprio’s speech was spontaneous, it had been more influential as it made people think about what they could do to alter the world that help out with all the issues of climate modify.

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