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In society it seems that almost everywhere we look we are surrounded by adverts whether it is tv set commercials, advertisements or advertisements. Obviously, the main purpose of advertising is to get the customer to purchase the product. Print advertisements are an quite effective way to reach a mass audience as the advertisements are in print, the application of color, text message and photography are all crucial factors in luring the consumers into buying their particular product. Adverts cannot basically attempt to sell off the product under consideration; they must produce it appeal to the consumer.

It is vital that advertisements not simply attempt to make the product they are really trying to sell clear but as well to actually make the advertisement indicate something to us, the buyer. The two advertisements that I will be comparing and contrasting happen to be two cosmetic makeup products ads. I actually picked both of these ads mainly because I feel they actually a great deal of drawing their consumers in. Wimpernfärbung is a must have in the make-up world.

Most women have on mascara to create their attention “pop.  Consumers will certainly automatically check out these two advertisings because of the brandnames and how people classify cosmetic makeup products.

By understanding that a lot of shoppers look at these ads they must make the ads interesting. Not simply will I be comparing and contrasting the two of these ads but by doing that I will also be showing how they attract consumers in looking and purchasing their product. The initially ad for mascara originated in the mag Lucky. Lucky is mostly targeted towards fresh teens and women. This wimpernbetonung in the ad is made simply by Rimmel London. The use of color is very attractive this advertisement because it uses bright vibrant colors that catch the attention. The color of the mascara is black and electric green.

Also, the colour of the models eyes is incredibly blue which in turn accentuates the real color of the mascara. By causing the versions eyes such a pretty color it might get people to think that if perhaps they use this certain mascara it might produce their eyes “pop just like the models really does. In the content all the terms are crafted in light and all hats in the background. I think the thinking behind publishing all the words and phrases in white colored is because it is a neutral color and it also sticks out. Although the shades really support, keywords in addition have a great cost in selling an item.

By placing “REV IN THE VOLUME in big notice it pulls your focus. It pulls people in that want more volume for their eyelashes. Almost all caps pulls your focus and makes you need to read every word around the ad. Simply by putting that if you use the item you will have denser more quite a few lashes in your sleep it help to make consumers want to buy this product and also see if the product will work. Lastly is the design of this advertising. Layout seriously helps make a great advertisement. By making the version take up most of the webpage, your interest goes directly to her.

Without even knowing what the ad is all about; if you simply look at her you can instantly tell it is a mascara ad by her eyelashes. By putting the words around the version you can read them and after just about every word you read about this helping your eye eyelashes you can’t support but look back for her eyesight lashes. The toothbrush of the wimperntusche is out of the bottle and so the consumer is able to see what the clean looks like and how it will kind their lashes. The second advertising is also present in the Lucky magazine, which means it also mostly targets young teens and women.

The mascara in this particular ad is made by Revlon which is a quite popular brand of makeup. This company got a very intelligent approach simply by getting a celeb model to endorse this system which is a incredibly beneficial point. The colors through this ad will be more laid back compared to the Rimmel Birmingham ad. The utilization of all black and then producing just around the eyes just a little lighter immediately draws your attention not only to the unit but to her eyes. The words are in white and a very fairly aqua color. These colors stand out well on the dark background.

By closing the eyes I really believe it shows how long the lashes seem. The words are recorded the top and on the bottom from the page. I think, the reasoning behind this can be so that in the event you start at the best of the site you will go through down to the bottom of the webpage. The wimpernfärbung top is out of the bottle and displays quality in the brush and the way thick it truly is and by this process, Revlon is attempting to creatively convince the buyer that with this wider brush, a lot more luscious the eyelashes may become. After looking at all of the areas of these two advertisements, they have a lots of similarities.

The first primary similarity is that they both came from the mag Lucky. By putting these types of ads inside the same magazine, these two wimpernfärbung providers will be competing with one another for the teenage and young woman market. On both of the ads the mascaras will be in very pretty colors. Although the shades are different they will both be noticeable and associated with mascara exceptional. Keywords of those ads are extremely alike. Each of the very important phrases are in most caps, big, white, and very noticeable. The layouts of the two advertisements are almost just as well.

Both of the ads have the model in the very middle of the page which can be where usually all the key focus of you goes. Both of the mascaras are on underneath right spot of the web page which should go well mainly because after the reader has noticed this beautiful female and what this wimpernfärbung has done on her, the reader looks to the bottom to determine just exactly the particular mascaras name and appearance is definitely. Even with many similarities, you can still find some differences between the two of these ads. The brands of the mascaras vary, one is Rimmel and the different is Revlon.

The use of color is very several in these two ads; Rimmel London used black and electric green wherever Revlon employed black and aqua. In the Rimmel ad the colours are very shiny and vibrant colors, as the Revlon advertisement is very darker and uninteresting. Although the keywords are as well they are very different too. Inside the Rimmel advertising the words happen to be in all limits, no matter how big they are they may be still in caps. Some words in the Revlon advertisement are all limits but then what that are tiny are in regular typeface. After comparing and different these two incredibly marketable mascaras, it is very hard to pick what kind is the obvious cut victor.

Many people have different styles, therefore maybe the black and electric green interests half of the viewers where the black and aqua mascara appeals to the other half. Quite a few companies performed a very good work in putting their advertising campaign out there and making their very own product very attractive and marketable. These companies had been around a number of years and really know what they’re undertaking. If meaning coming up with competitive ads week in and week out, they’re willing to do anything to be the top mascara supplier in the world.

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