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Comparison of Theoretical Positioning The two theories that I was choosing to compare and contrast for the circumstance given, can be Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory and Bill Glasser’s fact theory. William Glasser, Meters. D., is a developer of Reality Remedy and Choice Therapy. Glasser developed a reason and effect theory that explains man behavior. This individual focuses on personal choice, personal responsibility and private transformation. William Glasser comes with an approach in the theory that is very nontraditional.

He would not believe that a person can have a mental illness until there is something naturally wrong together with the brain.

He also is convinced that in the event that somebody is considered to have a mental illness it takes to be confirmed by a pathologist. William Glasser also is convinced that genetically we are cultural creatures and need one another. That may well be the cause of virtually all psychological symptoms which is each of our inability to get along with the key and meaningful people in our lives. Sigmund Freud developed a theory to explain psychoanalytic and psychotherapist and much of his work comes from self-analysis.

Sigmund Freud’s work suggests that early experience in one’s life can easily shape and develop the way in which we become adults. Freud identified five stages in the first five years of your life and this individual believes which our behavior habits consist of three main elements which are the ID-this is the simple instincts present at birth, also known as the enjoyment principle. The Ego-realistic acts within the brain and fact, this is also deemed that the fence principal. The Super-Ego-this is definitely the sense of conscious, the duty and responsibility, this is also known as the ethical principle.

Freud believed that when conflicts arose between these types of three parts it was individuals experiences from birth and early child years that had the most impact on us even as became adults. Even though Freud never analyzed children and it’s fair to talk about some people possess doubt regarding his hypotheses, Freud created his theories based on specialized medical experience with his patients and they were generally all ladies. Knowing that Freud’s work was based on a great assumption that personality is usually shaped and behavior is encouraged by strong inner causes can make it possible for one to misunderstand or misread Freud’s theory.


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