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To determine and key a safe, healthier learning environment I believe it is vital to establish and maintain a safe and healthy learning environment by keeping my centre and enjoy ground area clean and free from the things that happen to be harmful to my own children. I really believe the 1st steps to inspire learning is always to keep a clean and secure environment, that my children’s minds will probably be stimulated and definitely will meet generally there individual learning styles.

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My goal is to encourage my children to follow along with healthy and nutritional eating habits. I do this kind of by marketing foods which have been healthy and clean to get my kids to eat. I teach regarding and have my personal children test all types of healthy food choices to help our systems grow strong.

My children and I have helped inspire in changing the centers menu to make the menu entertaining, colorful, however healthy and nutritious, that meet the needs of all those children which has a special diet. One thing I might love to try to do associated with would to have the children assistance them personal as a relatives style meals. In the practical area of creating a learning environment my personal goal to get my kids is to make an effort to make sure that my classroom is usually fun, secure, organized and place up for success. In my class room I have several different learning areas: skill, science, hindrances, dramatic perform, manipulative, composing and collection.

All marked with terms and pictures. I actually try to create stimulating learning centers to ensure that my kids can move freely with age suitable material for self-directed perform and learning. I like to provide a high activity, low anxiety environment where my children can learn and perform happily with each other. I do need to mesh a lot of centers onto one space due to limited space in my classroom. Merely could I would change the layout of the space and add some more space for each center.

My own weekly prepare is certainly not designed by myself but by my firm. I believe it is a very effective lesson plan, era appropriate and fun. I do get to add or make changes to that as had to make it work intended for special demands.

I try to involve my parents in helping present props or perhaps anything they have laying throughout the house that we are able to use to make our centers more life like. My personal lesson strategy focus areas include circle time, language/reading activities, imaginative expression, science/math, music and movement, major motor, dramatic play and sensory. I try to generate every lessons fun and hands on so that I am aware my children are grasping the learning part of the lesson.

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