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III. Conclusion

A. Restated thesis statement.

B. Summary of poverty and its particular causes. Low income is due to the following factors: corruption, overpopulation, lack of education, and joblessness.


Lower income is a express or symptom in which a person or perhaps community falls short of the financial resources and essentials to enjoy a minimum standard of life and

health and wellness that’s regarded as acceptable in society. “Investopedia. (2014). “Terms beginning with P p. four

Poverty is one of the major concerns in the Korea which should be resolved.

Because of lower income, people endure hunger and people live on the streets.

“There is Bec, a 56-year-old visually damaged worker in the Department of Education central office, who was tutored for a young age group by SPED-trained teachers Gerardo Consolacion and Ricardo Monegro.

The centered mentoring helped her develop a love for learning as she eventually attained her Bachelor of Arts degree from your Central Filipino University in Iloilo City. For over 30 years now, she gets devoted her life preparing Braille supplies for visually-impaired students in public places schools.

There is also 54-year-old character Bert of Sierra Bullones, Bohol whose lack of education was no barrier to his dream of a better life to get his family members. His aspire to familiarize himself with various farming techniques led him to participate in ideal to start programs furnished by the Division of Arcadian Reform (DAR) and other agencies.

The various training Bert went to cultivated his preference pertaining to fertilizer by animal manure over the more expensive chemical-based alternatives. He features, since then, applied and recommended for organic farming in Bohol. They are people who, in spite of the hardship brought by destitution and disability, refused to use against the law means to survive and instead manufactured themselves designed for service to the nation in their personal little way. They are people that played by the government’s rules ” the rule of law ” and taken advantage of in return.

There is also a term for it, and it is called “trust.  It is the recommendation that cultural mobility may be possible through the coordinated efforts of presidency and municipal society. The book, by virtue of inherent limits in type and amount, fails to document the thousands of other Filipinos fightingtheir way through bureaucratic hurdles and “falling through the cracks.  Then again, that is not what the book is for.

It makes simply no mention, for example, of those on the opposite area of the variety: people who have deserted all wish. This is precisely because the testimonies featured were made to build trust and a resolve to overcome lower income.  “Bernal. B. (2013). 18 reports of Filipinos overcoming low income.

This is a tale about Philippine citizens who have are trying to conquer poverty through their hardships. Most Filipinos are trying to discover a way out of poverty. Filipinos are called hard personnel and devoted citizens. However it is not enough. The government also needs to help to get over poverty in the area. The government should be a model to its persons. But it is not taking place. The government is one of the reasons why there may be poverty in the Philippines.

Data corruption is a source of poverty inside the Philippines. The government raises the tax and all the various other expenses in the people although do not use the money intended for the benefit of the individuals. They use the bucks for the advantage of their own. They keep it for themselves and inform the people that they worked your money can buy they have. Data corruption leads to low income in a way that the people’s money is being kept and used by the people who are simply using their placement in the government to be wealthy. All they will care about can be their selves. They do not value the people struggling because of what exactly they are doing.

Learning much more: Problems in the Phillipines

“Former President Fastuosidad Macapagal Regato of the Korea was busted Thursday afternoon on corruption charges relevant to allegations of misuse of $8. almost 8 million in state lottery funds during her operations.  “Floyd W. (2012). Philippines Ex-President Is Imprisoned in Hospital on Fresh Charges.

This kind of news explains to that your highest official can do corruption. This can be one of the reasons for what reason there is poverty in the Israel. The officials are not honest to the people of their country. They help keep the money from the people for his or her own and let the people undergo. They use their particular power to run away themselves from the consequences that ought to be given to all of them. They arestealing from their persons. They should be punished and experience the same thing which the people are going through because of the actual have done. Almost all they think about is all their selves. They cannot care whether they are making others suffer. What is important to all of them is they must be able to perform what they want to do.

Another source of poverty in the Philippines can be overpopulation. People do not plan on what they want to do with their long term families. They just do not plan on how many youngsters the want and can support all through their lives. What are the results is they make babies, more babies, and then afterwards they won’t possess any money remaining to buy meals for their relatives. So every member of the family suffers.

“Most developing nations around the world have many people who are illiterate, live under the poverty range and have minimum knowledge about family planning. Having their children wedded at an early age boost the chances of generating more youngsters. Those people are unable to understand the harmful effects of overpopulation and not enough ignorance prompts them to steer clear of family planning measures “Overpopulation. (2014).

Nowadays, many young adults are getting pregnant. Teenagers are becoming curious about having sex at an early age that could cause overpopulation. Without considering what all their lives will be and how it is going to affect the community.

“There are a lot of reasons as to why the Thailand is overpopulated. One reason, or I used to be able to think of, is Pre-Marital Sex. We learn from the Bible that sex just before marriage is known as a sin however a lot of people get it done. Some takes place accidentally sometimes do it on purpose. Another reason behind overpopulation can be unprotected sexual. Maybe one of the reasons as to why people do it is primarily just because of pleasure. Come to think about it, We ask personally ‘why do they do that when they be aware that it could truly lead to some thing bad? ‘

This is a reason of overpopulation because the kid born was just mainly an accident. These couples would not want to have a child in the first place which one kid is a big contribution to the country’s human population. Another primary cause that hit me the most is those families in thepoverty level still manage to get a child when they already have fiver or even more to deal with. They keep about making children when they know themselves that they are only limited to a number.  ” Whang. C. (2012). Overpopulation in the Philippines.

Pre-Marital Sex is caused by lack of education when it comes to sexual education. Lack of education is another source of poverty. Most children have no chance to study. They cannot go to school because they have no money without one is helping them, particularly the government. If perhaps they do not study, they won’t be capable of getting a job in the foreseeable future. And then they will suffer again through the same trouble, poverty. If the children will not likely learn nearly anything especially the lessons about pre-marital sex, there is also a big possibility that they will test it at an early age out of curiosity.

“The biggest cause of overpopulation in the Philippines is the deficiency of education. Persons there terribly lack the knowledge means use contraceptives. The big and powerful Both roman Catholic Chapel (which essentially controls the country) disapproves of any form of lovemaking education and birth preventive medicines. This talks about the lack of sexual education and the government constant refusal to provide free contraception for its people.  “Anonymous. (N. D)

The church disapproves to sexual education which is why your children have too little of knowledge when it comes to sexual intercourse. Sexual education in some manner must be taught to kids when they are previously at the correct age to enable them to know the associated with pre-marital sexual intercourse.

“Unemployment provides an impressive lack of economical stability, bringing about a down spiral in social freedom and eventually lower income. The jobless will have a lower standard of living than most applied people. Insufficient a regular cash flow leads to the shortcoming to be able to conserve the basic requirements, including fundamental provisions such as eating healthy foods, buying in to health care and providing sufficient heating for home use. While there are many types of poverty, the reasons behind lower income are always deficiencies in money. It is also possible to live in lower income even with employment. A low paid worker maysuffer much the same hardships.  “Anonymous. (N. D)

When a person is unemployed, he will do not income to earn intended for himself. Working is a very crucial way to avoid poverty. When you are employed, you will definitely earn money. You will be able to supply your needs in everyday life. Unlike the jobless persons, they can supply themselves with all the requirements. Unemployment brings about poverty because when a person has no work, he will have zero money to get food with no shelter to live in, he will need to depend on the help coming from others.


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