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Design Article

Users Responses: I feel that the grass in the back of the brand and the curly grass style under the football have been used effectively for the extent that this shows a lot of activities to be sold at the leisure centre. As can be seen using this image I’ve edited the emblem using the visual software: Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop. From the past design I have replaced the wavy green design with a wavy lawn design directly under the ball. This is because it will help to represent the grass graphic effectively, therefore it helps to convey that a wide variety of activities can be obtained.

This is because grass is connected with sporting activities so this image thought is instantly thought of by user. Likewise this helps to generate it more relevant to the leisure hub, so I also have added turf to the qualifications of this logo design for these extremely two uses. Also the primary part of the emblem has been revised using the images software. For example I have added an interior bevel and a shadow to generate it appearance more realistic and stand out more. As well I have customized it to include an fruit glow about the main area of the logo.

This is due to orange can be described as complimentary colour of blue so by using the blue and the orange next to each other they work perfectly together and as a result will help to catch the attention of more awareness of the logo itself. Leaflet Holder: Users Comments: I feel that the usage of thermochromatic printer ink is a great addition which will help to attract a lot of attention, specifically children. Since suggested by users feedback the use of thermochromatic inks was especially designed to suit the requirements of children.

It is because the holder already looks very professional, which means that it already become a huge hit to adults and needed a way to charm more to children. This is the reason why I have chose to add this kind of modification of thermochromatic inks to my leaflet holder, which I had not previously designed to do. The red ink used in the thermochromic tattoo would not look when temperature is used such as holding the initials, so it might just keep the green background below. This would help to appeal to children especially, as they will find it really interesting and desirable that the inks are able to transform colour (appear invisible once touched).

Likewise I have airbrushed the thermochromatic inks towards the holder. This is because airbrushing is a commonly used technique in market, so it would help to make my personal leaflet holder look even more professional, helping it to appeal to adults even more. Again I have used graphic software program in order to make the leaflet holder stand out more. I have included an inner bevel to the background from the holder, right now the blue background appears 3D and seems more realistic. I possess added dark areas to all of the images to enable them to stand out even more, and I have got even added a shadow to the thermochromatic inks.

This was designed on computer, but the colour of the text combined the colour with the background and so the actual text of C. L. T. C is usually not noticeable under the thermochromatic inks. One other modification I actually carried out was the addition of polystyrene in the leaflet holder. I have placed two prevents of polystyrene (Styrofoam)- a single under the bottom level tray and one merely above the bottom tray. This is due to it helps to supply support for the tray therefore it makes certain that they are easily visible and sturdy. One more for utilizing it is because of the additional weight that it now gives to the booklet holder.

Since the polystyrene prevents are quite hefty compared to the leaflet holder that they help it to stay rigid, vertical and gives the leaflet holder some durability. This means that this wont easily be damaged, meaning it decreases maintenance costs. I have also printed the look for the leaflet holder on one piece of daily news. This is because it might not appearance very attractive if perhaps there were various layers of paper caught on the cards as design, which may put off the user via picking up a leaflet. Because of using a single sheet of paper, the top of holder looks very smooth which assists all of the patterns to stick out and to always be eye-catching.

The designs to get the holder and the two trays have already been printed out in high quality on photo daily news. This is because it provides a glossy complete to the booklet holder which will help to make it look a lot more attractive and appealing to the intended users: adults and children. Booklets: Users Comments: I feel that how big the childrens leaflet pertains to its intended user well as does the appearance of the adults leaflet to its respective intended customer. As suggested by the end user, both leaflets are able to appeal to their own respective intended users.

I possess carried out an adjustment on the kids leaflet simply by changing the layout of the the front page applying graphics software as well as adjusting the size of the childrens booklet. This is because it is currently a much smaller sized size, so it should charm to children more, as they would usually be captivated by lesser leaflets. Consider that it should certainly contain less information when compared to a normal A4 sized booklet and they are able to carry it around easier, which are the real reasons behind why they should be attracted to this leaflet.

The front page of the leaflet is made up of an increased image of the emblem, which will help to build immediate promo for the centre as well as the event. I use also use the graphics application to create the slogan that can be enlarged and the text around the front web page has been imprinted to help make that stand out even more from the web page. As a result of all these things the leading page can be presented as being eye-catching which is vitally important for making it appealing to children. Both these styles the booklets have been done to a high quality with all of them being printed in top quality on shiny paper.

The reason is , it will help to include a professional touch to both these styles the leaflets and will both equally be more attractive to their respective intended users. The adult leaflet uses the shiny paper to an extra benefits in that the split down the middle of the front side page can be not as quickly visible. Therefore when the customer looks at the leaflet even more closely it will appeal to them even more sue to the interesting condition that they are not able to location as very easily from even more away (This is demonstrated in the second picture, the place that the split over the middle is definitely not quickly visible).

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