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The poem ‘Death the Leveller’ was written to get the upper class educated. Various other people could not understand that. It holds various words that folks in the late 1500’s didn’t understand. Words just like ‘Sceptre’- an ornamental pole held with a king/queen as being a symbol of power are being used in ‘Death the Leveller’. Shirley’s disagreement is that a higher rank+ position wouldn’t last and we can’t defend themselves from loss of life. He tries to make us see that good and just activities will go on, but regardless of rich or perhaps poor you are, all of us will all be judged the same in death.

‘Death the Leveller’ even offers a rhetorical side, and Shirley’s tries to put his point across through the use of phrases just like;  The boast no more about your enormous deeds.

The structure of ‘Death the Leveller’ is a 3-stanza composition of similar shape and length giving it a stereotypical appearance, except for lines 5 and 6 of each stanza had been the lines are given stress, as they are the primary parts.

Words utilized in lines 5 and 6 of each stanza are very similar, example;

“Sceptre and Top must drop down and “Early or perhaps late, they will stoop to fate. Two words that don’t vocally mimic eachother are used 1st, and then the last word of the range always rhymes with the third word employed. Many of the keywords used are symbols of royalty such as ‘Crown’, ‘Garland’ and ‘Swords’ and ‘Armor’ are used. These are a sign of war or battle. ‘Death the Leveller’ generally provides a rhyme series of ABDOMINAL, AB, CLOSED CIRCUIT, AD. ‘Come and tomb’ in stanza three are an exception.

The poem is definitely written in English, and was printed at the time of the parliamentary success for Oliver Cromwell plus the execution of King Charles I. Unquestionable, such drastic events traumatized writers just like Shirley who had sympathized with all the monarch. For this reason he uses royalty in ‘Death the Leveller’ and death while the main theme. He uses personification with death, case; “Death lays his frozen hand upon kings. Shirley has provided death a great icy hand which is put upon a thing that Shirley once sympathized with, but is now gone. This individual uses alliteration in ‘Death the Leveller’ to emploi the harshness of implements used in burial.

The develop of ‘Death the Leveller’ is a slow, eerie strengthen that somebody speakingat a funeral may possibly use. The tone stays on the same other than when emphasizing harshness of cutting implements. It then improvements back to the standard tone at the last two lines, but gets a bit smoother when the poem concludes to bring back the ‘death’ feeling. The tone through ‘Death the Leveller’ is mostly the same, when colons are being used it’s highlighted. Yet by the end of series six within the last stanza, a bowel is used showing a change in tone and structure.

To summarize, ‘Death the Leveller’ is usually an moon like, chilling, serious and sorrowful poem having a hint of melancholy. Their tone is often rather mocking and ironic with reference to those who had been successful before. The speaker’s attitude is incredibly determined and patriotic and run on lines add power and urgency to argue his point, which is

“We are generally equal in death, some may include money, several may have nothing. But when it comes to death, we are judged purely upon what is inside.


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