Computer Program and Level Exam Essay

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Introduction: Goal of the report Goal from the project Survey of methods and outcomes Methods: Methods you had taken or actions you would Results: Inform what you discovered in a stand or a chart Discussion: Relevance of what you found out Suggestions Goals accomplished or not really Questions brought up SESSION ABOUT NAVIGATING THE INTERNET IMRD SURVEY The goal of this IMRD survey is to illustrate what I have discovered in the session about using the Preimavera system.

The goal of this kind of project was to learn how to plan a project from its beginning to the finish using a computer program. This report can inform someone of the strategies used, results reached and goals attained. Methods: Level exam The exact level exam is simply an exam to know how good your computer skills like mailing data through the internet. It’s a simple test but it is essential. Theoretical method The first three classes are mainly theoretical sessions.

Where you learn how to program a project personally without the computer system program by making use of node diagrams and other planning methods Sensible method The rest of the sessions happen to be practical periods where the teacher explains tips on how to operate this program and gives you a small task to program and helps you master that. Final test out The last step is the check you take where you strategy a whole task and based on the result you obtain a certificate that you have mastered the preimavera.

Effects: Results| Methods| I knew that I was qualified for this course| Level exam| I learned how to strategy a project without a computer program| Theoretical method| I discovered how to run the program| Practical method| To get a license that I perfected the preimavera| Final test| Discussion: The results previously mentioned show that I have attained my objective for understanding how to work on Preimavera program, thus i located out that anyone could learn how to utilize this program, and I still have to learn other preparing programs like CANDY. I recommend ZODIAC center for learning computer courses.

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