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“We use the basic term examination to refer to any or all those actions undertaken by teachers — and by their students in assessing themselves — that provide information to be used because feedback to change teaching and learning actions. Such analysis becomes formative assessment if the evidence is actually used to modify the teaching to meet scholar needs”. Black, P. & Wiliam, D.

The purpose of the educational process concentrate on students’ learning, and when college students use what has been taught in actual life situations, it can be said the students are learning and that the objective is being achieved.

But , can a test identify this in a classroom? Can I state that my students will be learning based upon a multiple choice test out at the end of any unit? The answers of these questions may vary according to the kind of teaching technique a person uses.

If this person runs on the traditional teaching method that only seeks learners’ knowledge piling up, then he / she could state “yes”.

However , because times possess changed and the ways in which people conceive the academic process include changed as well, I consider that it is required to restate the way in which students happen to be assessed and focus more on students’ performance to be able to promote learning and require them inside their own learning process by making use of formative examination rather than classic or summative assessment whose aim lies on tests knowledge.

Consequently , if a student takes a test and when he will get his score in terms of figures or albhabets and this individual sees an undesirable grade, it can give him an adverse emotional effect that could decrease him by continuing learning, and the the next occasion he needs a test he may do it simply for the reason of getting an excellent score. Therefore , How about learning? Did it happen? In this condition my solution is an absolutely no!

To get the reasons over, it is important to apply a different assessment with a conformative function that according to Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick (2005) aids learning by producing feedback details that is of benefit to college students and to educators. Feedback about performance, in class or upon assignments, encourages students to restructure their very own understanding/skills and create more powerful suggestions and functions. This kind of assessment is called Formative assessment. With this form of assessment, teachers concentrate even more on the just how students master and the actual need to learn.

Therefore , in this type of assessment not necessarily only educate you with the accurate words or perhaps match the sentences with all the correct response and you will receive 5 items or a great grade, nevertheless let’s do this project, discussing carry out this task, how will you solve this problem? So what do you think about this kind of? And some other activities in which students can find out by doing. But most important of most, is that learners receive a confident feedback about what to improve and change, to have a better performance in the forthcoming assignments.

As Shepard, (2008) states, why is formative assessment formative is that it is right away used to help to make adjustments to be able to form new learning” By using formative analysis students understand their own learning and develop appropriate approaches for learning to master, also they will build expertise for expert – and self-assessment, and they get definitely involved in their own learning procedure rather than simply absorbing data as in a traditional or summative assessment.

Currently taking everything into mind, it is my opinion that teachers concentrate more on students’ performance through the make use of formative assessment, so learners can develop the patterns of thoughts they need to achieve and stay aware of their learning goals, and as learners move forward in their learning, they can use personal understanding to construct which means, have abilities of self-monitoring to realize that they can don’t understand a thing, and have methods of deciding how to proceed next. Earl, Lorna. (2003). REFERENCES Black, P. & Wiliam, Deb. (1998).

Within the Black Box: Raising standards through class assessment, King’s College, Greater london. Earl, Lorna. (2003). Assessment As Learning: Using classroom assessment to increase student learning. Experts in assessment series, Corwin Press Inc., 1000 Oaks, A bunch of states. Nicol, David; Macfarlane-Dick, Debra (2005). Rethinking Formative Evaluation in HE: a assumptive model and seven concepts of good reviews practice. Quality Assurance Agency pertaining to Higher Education. Shepard, Lorrie A. 2005. The continuing future of Assessment: Framing Teaching and Learning, Ny.

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