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a) Assess the ways in which these two poetry deal with the expertise of oppression and racism. b) State which usually of the two poems you find more unsettling, and give great support the answer. c) Identify and comment on TWO poetic products used in each poem to highlight the workings of oppression or racism. “Dreaming Dark Boy and “Epitaph happen to be two poetry which treat the issues of oppression and racism. though they equally deal with the same problem, it is handled and discussed differently.

In  Dreaming Dark-colored Boy, the persona, a new black youngster in school, covers his dreams and dreams.

He hopes for an end to racism. The persona attempts to use his education to attempt to escape the cruel reality of racism. This individual not only brings up what is going on about him at this point, but as well the past as well as how he’d like things being in the future. He longs intended for acceptance, a good education, success, going and a break from mental slavery.

He fails to grasp that despite his intelligence and physical maturity, the racist treatment is going to continue. Thinking that what he experiences as being a young boy is the most severe, he offers yet to determine how it can be in the future.

On the other hand, “Epitaph, a significantly short poem, is all about a black slave who was hanged. People stop what exactly they are doing to look at the view, yet the rest of the world is constantly on the go on. the sugar walking cane continues to grow. Contrary to in “Dreaming Black Boy, the identity in “Epitaph is the, looking over a past event and commenting on how these types of events possess impacted about our lives today. “Epitaph is apparently the most unsettling as it suggests that many of these slaves’ deaths are forgotten. The idea or idea that lifestyle goes on when you die and everything you will be awarded is actually a “pause.

The images in “Epitaph are also even more graphic. In “Dreaming Dark Boy, the poet uses euphemism to down play the harsh fact of the fresh black son. For example , “plotters in pajamas is used to refer to the klu klux klan, a group infamous for the terror they will caused within the black competition. The main literary device employed in “Dreaming Dark Boy can be allusion. The persona alludes to white colored supremacy teams, a well-known singer etc, to express the things he would love to change regarding his truth. “Epitaph uses the “apostrophe to give a visual image of the black slave hanging and swinging as he is hanged.

This metaphor is effective in showing likewise how the slave has considered on the complications of the dark race while his very own. And his death belongs to the blacks. It is all their history. Racism and captivity are two of the most controversial and oppressive elements in human history. Nevertheless both poetry differ in vogue and technique, both effectively describe the physical and emotional effects of racism and oppression (slavery). This success is achieved through the use of allusions, vivid photos, symbolic language and even euphemism.


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