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On “Identifying, analyzing and understanding the consumer behaviour regarding Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. Products exclusively at Raipur (C. G)” For Raipur Branch Published for the partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award of the level of Masters of Business Operations. (MBA) PREFACE Quite frequently these days’ people talk of research, both in educational institution and out of doors, several research are undertaken and achieved every year, however in most cases very little attention is usually paid for an important aspect related to analysis i.

e. its useful importance.

It may be noted in the context of planning and development that the significance of research lies in its top quality and not in quantity. As much as this job report is concerned, the statement consists of four chapters along with bibliography and Appendix, well organized in coherent manner. Part one is an introduction, presenting up an more than view with the Chapter two contains of Research method which includes each of the necessary factors. Chapter 3 contains info analysis and interpretation and chapter four contains of Main studies, Conclusion, constraints and suggestions.

So , through this research work I tried to explain regarding my study of  along with the customer’s feedback or their reactions, through which we come to know about the strength and weak points of the financial institution. I shall amply praise, if this kind of project survey proves attractive the development of familiarity with the reader as well as from businesses point of view.

I actually am also thankful for all staff members of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. And all the purchasers of Tampilan Mahindra Financial institution ltd for providing myself relevant info and data which are quite definitely necessary for the completion of this kind of project record. I take this opportunity to communicate my heartiest thanks & obligation to Dr . Prachi Singh (Lecturer), Disha Company of Management and Technology Raipur (C. G), that has rendered myself invaluable guidance and insight into preparing the project report.

Finally We am remarkably grateful to any or all faculty members who allowed me to as well as the persons who have shared their beneficial time and allowed me to directly or indirectly inside the preparation of this project. Business Summary This kind of basic idea of my project “Identifying, examining and understanding the consumer patterns of KOTAK MAHINDRA FINANCIAL INSTITUTION LTD. Goods exclusively in Raipur” was based on study as a well as study of their entire banking areas. Through this survey Need to give the real data to KMBL that what are the responses or feedback of their existing clients regarding the KMBL after attached with this Bank.

Therefore I have prepared two several Questionnaires. 1st for the existing customers of KMBL plus the other you are for Non-Existing customers or new customers. Through the feedback in the existing clients of the KMBL, I’ll become familiar with that precisely what are the companies durability and precisely what are their disadvantages, so that they will work on all those areas. While through no existing buyers I’ll get to know about the requirements of different persons operating from diverse banks i. e., the actual need that they can are not obtaining from their existing banks.

Basically the topic on this project can be taken by personally only. But when I discussed this topic with my own project guide Mr. Sudeep Banerjee (Branch Sales manager) KMBL, this individual told me that this topic is certainly much important as far as KMBL is concerned. Mainly because as it is just around 12 months has been handed that Tampilan Mahindra Financial institution Ltd has become launched in Raipur town. So being a 1st summer season trainee of KMBL Raipur branch, it was a great chance for me to consider this matter as a concern.

Because the response to this task or survey will be very very much beneficial for myself as well as firms point of view, in order that they will get to know about their durability and disadvantages and they will be aware that how much of market they may have captured in this period of 1 year, What people think about this Bank? I actually started my summer training or job on 11th June 2007. To know this kind of fact and data I went to the current customers of Kotak Mahindra Bank limited. As well as to non-existing customers. We collected all of the data from existing and non-existing consumers of Kotak Mahindra financial institution ltd.

Through questionnaires in Raipur metropolis. I have prepared these questionnaires with the help of my personal project information by keeping into the mind these questionnaires are extremely much helpful from company’s point of view since the result of this survey can help the bank to learn their advantages and weak point and relating to that they are going to take corrective actions in those areas. While I was studying about the bank I discovered that within a period of 12 months Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited has captured that Raipur market quite nicely.

Even though I was inspecting the data that I had collected through forms I found which the products and support that Kotak Mahindra Traditional bank ltd may be the major component because of which in turn customers are attracting toward this bank. Because the support and items Kotak is providing is quite unique from other banks apart from this the main weak point or perhaps the lacking level that Tampilan Mahindra lender has to consider is the advertising activity of Tampilan Mahindra Lender is very poor. Many persons exist who can’t say for sure about this traditional bank. Another thing is the fact minimum air-conditioning balance from this bank is fairly high we; e. AQB (average quarterly balance). Besides my job I did organization for the lender. I used to step out to the marketplace for making sales of the financial institution and I really sold their products. Due to this I grab superb experience to communicate with different types of customers, that was really good experience and will assist in my future course of your life. The major part of my schooling is My spouse and i went to siltara at NECO and Corporate Ispat alloys ltd. This was the very best experience of living to see big plants and machineries along with which We talk to the HR person and representatives there.

Regarding the salary accounts of their workers. During my summertime training I was called by simply my project guide to provide presentations for the Bank products in front of every one of the employees following studying the merchandise and providers. And after the presentations they used to ask questions to me. And I really treasured by my personal staff members and coulleges. Throughout the collection of the info I found a lot of difficulties just like the customers acquired no time to offer time or perhaps they were as well busy using their works in addition to most cases we were holding not available for their spots.

I generally went into the market in hard sunlight and manier instances its rains. I had taken some action to solve these problems like I got data through telephone, observation. There is a very important factor that I include found the peoples working at Tampilan Mahindra Traditional bank ltd are incredibly much attractive all areas. Every time they come to me and told me that they are available at anytime personally for anything, which actually boost me and inspires me towards my goal and targets. The traditions of Tampilan mahindra financial institution ltd. is very much friendly and cool to work there.


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