Counseling Children in a Community Setting Essay

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This content deals with the consequences of loss on children of both a primary and secondary nature. Events such as the loss of life of a father or mother or friend and the resulting consequences could be difficult for the child to manage, depending on what stage they are at early childhood. Other loss such as personal possessions, individuals resulting from mistreatment or a immediate change in a child’s existence can also be hard (Goldman, 2004). The author also discusses, in respect to Piaget’s developmental theory, how kids deal with damage.

Younger children can frequently have difficulty understanding why a loved one passed away may connect an event towards the death that is not even related. Older children are curious as to the events and reasons for losing, tending to seek answers as to the reasons the loss of life occurred. We recommend that when talking with children about death, a great age-appropriate explanation should be employed. Children have to have information that clearly describes specific sort of death which includes occurred, for example a murderer or perhaps an accident (Goldman, 2004). To aid children efficiently cope with extreme loss, Goldman proffers a number of options that can be productive.

Having a team that focuses on helping the child can be quite beneficial to bereavement counseling. This kind of team has members by: the family, school and includes the counselor. The team assesses exactly what losses have occurred to the child and what developmental level the child is in. Based on this info, the team may set up a strategy for promoting the child (2004). Other strategies that can be used to help the child consist of helping the family speak about the death, organizations, play therapy and centering on early involvement.

The author tensions the importance of getting an all-around understanding of the circumstances which considering the consequences that the loss will have on the child’s expereince of living experience (Goldman, 2004). References Goldman, Bela. (2004). Therapies with children within modern-day society.

Diary of Mental Health Counseling, Volume dua puluh enam, no . a couple of, 168-187.

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