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1st, the old pawnbroker may be viewed an wicked person who is in fact harming society by her vile and cynical grasp on the poor residents who arrive to her intended for pawning. Relating to Hegel, any hazardous segment of society needs to be removed. Consequently , Raskolnikov reasoned that by murdering the old pawnbroker, he’d be eliminating a hazardous thing via society.

Subsequent, Hegel assumed that the ends justified the means, we. e., in the event the ends happen to be noble, then this means could possibly be justified. Using this rationale, the old pawnbroker has a lot of money that is wasted upon useless world and requiem services after her fatality. With this kind of money, Raskolnikov would be able to complete his education without being filled and the might devote himself to the support of humankind.

Lastly, Hegel argued the particular one small criminal offenses may be wiped out by 1000s of good actions. Raskolnikov could use the money the old pawnbroker squeezed out of the poor people, and by distributing this among family members, hundreds of people would be preserved from destitution and destroy.


Contrary to Hegel’s conceiving of a superman, Nietzsche presumed that a superman does not exist for the advantage of society, but rather for his own personal satisfaction. In other words, the Nietzschean superman’s aims aren’t prompted by any type of the aristocracy, but rather by a desire for self-gratification. According to Nietzsche, a superman may be the one who owns the strongest will and is able to make his wishes and his electric power dominant over others.

The test of Nietzschean superman is that he must stand completely exclusively and must not allow his will to be influenced by the wishes of others. It is this assertion with the will that isolates man from society and leaves him in complete isolation. Consequently, once Raskolnikov tries to assert his will, he finds himself cut off from your rest of humanity. This terrible solitude is exactly what prompted Raskolnikov’s confession.


Throughout Criminal offenses and Abuse, Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov had trouble with his two personalities. On the other hand, Raskolnikov dedicated to his pursuit of power and self-will, since illustrated by simply his frosty, intellectual, separate side. Lack of of Raskolnikov’s personality was his warm, humane compassionate side which suggested meekness and self-submissiveness. What is genuinely tragic is that in his search for become an extraordinary man, Raskolnikov lost eyesight of the actual seemingly common men so truly incredible, their capability to place their particular needs and wants above their own self-interests.

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