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Criminal Law

Robbery, Money Washing, Commercial Law, Gun Laws

Excerpt from Research Newspaper:

When Louie, Billy, and Smokey can all be charged with federal crimes in relation to your bank robbery, Billy can also be billed with the killed of his estranged better half. In the case of his murdered better half, the state will be responsible for hitting charges for the crime as the murder was completely independent from the lender robbery. Even though it happened on a single day while the thievery, there is no interconnection between the two crimes.

When Louie and Billy were arrested at the home of Smokey, the fact that they experienced the thieved money, and probably left behind evidence on the crime scene, it would be hard to plan a highly effective defense against the bank robbery charges. If the two blameless people were wiped out during that theft, the law is apparent that virtually any deaths occurring committed through the commission of the crime, are believed as murder and eligible for the fatality penalty. Regardless if Billy was not present throughout the death from the bank teller, and Louie was not driving the car, they are both responsible for both deaths. Additionally it is the case that the accidental death of the law enforcement office can be charged against both Billy and Louie since his death happened as a immediate result of their particular criminal activity.

If there is anyone who may be able to program an effective defense it is Smokey. He can individual himself through the actions of the others by simply claiming that he did not know the supply of the money. While he may be found guilty of money laundering, if the others just planned to launder funds with Smokey, and would not mention anything about where the cash came from, after that he may not really be liable for the criminal offenses committed during the bank thievery. And since he previously no ideas to give aid to the scammers after fleeing the theft, he can claim that after the robbery went bad, the others commandeered his home against his will.

So while Vinnie is deceased and cannot be charged with any crime, both Billy and Louie can be recharged with lender robbery, murder, burglary, and theft in connection to the bank robbery. Billy can also be incurred with the murder of his wife, yet probably by the state. So that as for Smokey, he can definitely be charged with conspiracy to commit funds laundering, but may be able to range himself via a connection to the bank thievery and occasions afterward.


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