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Week 1 Discussion

Making decisions in huge organizations may be difficult to properly grasp since its seen as a numerous problems that emerge inside the organization. Quantitative and qualitative decision making operations in public finance are similar in the sense that they are employed to analyze info relating to finances management and also other relevant problems. These processes in turn aid in effective decision-making with respect to the ideal objectives. However , quantitative decision-making process is based solely in empirical info while qualitative decision-making is founded on a more alternative perspective. One of qualitative declaration is authorities testing of new, less fatal gun technology through thought of the cost advantage analysis (CBS, 2015). To the contrary, an example of quantitative observation is a big expense reduction by express leaders through consideration of empirical data (News9. com, 2010).

Quantitative decision-making seemingly takes precedence in budgeting and problems affecting felony justice firms. Quantitative decision-making provides the most accurate data for spending budget making in these organizations because addressing price range issues inside the criminal proper rights field needs analysis of empirical data. Since quantitative decision-making supplies a framework for analysis of empirical data, it provides accurate first-hand data for spending budget management. Qualitative-based budgetary decision making rely on data that is not very easily measurable whilst quantitative-based budgetary decision making count on numbers, which is easily measurable. Therefore , quantitative-based budgetary decision making is more ideal since it depends on numbers which can be easily measurable unlike qualitative approaches. In this regard, the benefits of quantitative observations are the use of easily-measurable data and production of decisive effects. On the contrary, the advantages of qualitative findings include the thought of more relevant info other than quantities only.

Week 2 Discussion

Criminal proper rights organizations have established some kind of supervision hierarchy to deal with various problems including economical decision making, workers decisions, and budget planning. Despite the establishment of such hierarchy, the agencies absence effective command given that policymakers always mistake leadership with management nevertheless can be quite several. The major attributes of command include powerful communication, becoming visionary, sympathy, consistency, versatility, and integrity. These qualities enable market leaders to respond to situations in a holistic and wider point of view beyond their own desires. However, the primary attributes of management include planning, organizing, ordering, coordinating, and controlling (Vliet, 2014).

The response to Hurricane Katrina failed because of insufficient planning, dexterity, and controlling the response pursuits. While there had been early alerts of the potential disaster, FEMA did not participate in adequate preparing before and the wake of the catastrophe. Moreover, response efforts were not effectively handled and coordinated between the several agencies and personnel. In addition , there was lack of effective control, which was evident due to the absence of clear directing authority (Moynihan, 2009). The business that offered the most effective leadership in the aftermath of the

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