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Crooks as the largest victim for the ranch – discuss Mon 24th October 2011 Inside the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ Steinbeck presents Thieves, the dark-colored stable-buck since the biggest sufferer on the ranch because of his race. Crooks is also the most damaged person, emotionally and physically. This individual has a crooked back and has started to mimic the cruel and violent behaviour of the other men around the ranch. The effect of his loneliness likewise makes him push people away, departing him more lonely and segregated.

The other guys exclude Thieves because he is usually black.

He is not allowed to look into the bunkhouse with all the white-colored men since they are racist and follow the hurtful behaviour of segregation. It truly is clear that Steinbeck is critisising wider society through his explanation of Crooks. Crooks provides his individual room – ‘had his bunk in the harness room’ he lives alone and is also no more significant than the family pets symbolised by the nearness for the animals.

He is exclusively all the time and gets lonesome but never admits this because he is actually proud. Steinbeck show’s the irony of Chocolate saying – ‘must always be nice to get a room all to your self’.

When Lennie comes in to his area, Crooks features right to ask him to leave but instead acts as though this individual didn’t want Lennie to stay. He says – ‘come on in and place a while…long as you will not get away and keep me exclusively. ‘ The ellipsis’ demonstrate his hesitation after he admitted this individual wants the organization he knows and transformed it about to say he wants to end up being alone. This is certainly so Criminals can maintain his satisfaction and his dignity. He his so lonesome that this individual admits to Lennie – ‘just a man talking to one more guy does not matter in the event he recognizes. ‘ This kind of tells us Thieves is happy talking to Lennie even though Lennie does not figure out most of the items Crooks says.

It is the organization and the discussing with another human that matters to him. Steinbeck also provides that Thieves ‘reads a lot’. Steinbeck implies that despite the fact that Crooks can be treated terribly he could be one of the most educated employee on the farm has a better understanding of points than most of the other men and is better because he can be older and has seen more things. Likewise he provides a ‘Californian Civil Code’ publication, because he features this book and reads it often he understands a lot about the laws and regulations of splendour in different areas. He is considering is legal rights as a dark man sadly, despite his knowledge Criminals is unable to modify anything.

Thin is the simply man who also treats Crooks sympathetically. This individual respects Crooks more and talks to him a few times. Slim is ‘kind’ and ‘is a good listener’ but Slender and Thieves are the opposite- Slim is definitely respected and has electricity whereas Thieves is disrespected and beaten by the guys because of the shade of his skin. Slim is a ‘tall man’ who will be ‘capable of killing a fly on the wheelers bottom without pressing the mule’ but Thieves was only a ‘stable dollar, nigger using a ‘crooked back’. Through this kind of contrast, Steinbeck provokes passione about Crooks’ life.

As luck would have it, even Thin is affected by the hardship on the farm casually drowns four puppies. Steinbeck describes Crooks as the utmost physically destroyed person for the ranch. A primary reason for this is usually that the white guys beat Crooks, just because having been black. The boss uses Crooks to let his anger out – ‘the employer gives him hell the moment he’s crazy. ‘ However the boss employed Crooks to perform a job he beats him when he is usually angry, this shows Thieves is of a low status on the ranch and that he matters the smallest amount of. The men are usually very vicious to Thieves when they say ‘ Christ we had fun. They are referring to a time after they beat Crooks. This is very vicious he had no chance of protecting himself simply by fighting backside because he provides a crooked as well as is much weakened he even offers no one in the side.

What is more brutal is they did it simply for pleasure this kind of suggests that the ranch is usually corrupting everybody. Steinbeck warns us in the consequences of brutality in the wider community. Furthermore the cruelty Crooks faces produced him inappropriate to Lennie when he says – ‘I don’t blame the dude you travel and leisure with to continue you out of sight. ‘ and ‘what if he don’t return. Crooks really wants to frighten Lennie and is clearly jealous from the companionship this individual has with George. When ever ‘Crooks deal with lightened with pleasure in the torture’ that shows that Thieves has learnt from the other men the right way to be cruel. This is also other ways he has become damaged psychologically by the ranch because a lot of the men turn into cruel in fact it is a chaotic world where only the fittest will survive. Crooks wishes that this individual could have what George and Lennie include so he gets dragged in to the desire against his better wisdom – ‘Never a the almighty dammed certainly one of em gets it just just like heaven. Is Crooks talks about men hoping to get land for themselves. He would not believe in Goodness because his life has become so bad that there can not be a Goodness but he still equals land with heaven. Crooks is lonely and includes a room to himself for the ranch and in it there are ‘hung broken harness strips in process of being mended, strips of recent leather. ‘ Ironically ‘Being a stable dollar he was even more permanent than any other men’ His permanency does not give him position he is all alone and unlike the bunk house where games happen to be played in the evenings his area is filled with job objects thus he would not get much time to relax or others.

Also in his room can be ‘a selection of medicine containers for him self and the race horses. ‘ This is another sort of him getting no more important that the family pets and also area of the discrimination against him. Steinbeck depicts Criminals as a sufferer by the description of his physical appearance. – ‘His physique was curled over to the left simply by his Uneven spine’ His lean deal with was lined with deep wrinkles, and he had thin, pain-tightened lip area which were paler than his face. ‘ His body is bent above because a horses has started him for the ranch hence the ranch damage him bodily.

His covered face shows the evidence of the brutality from the ranch, he’s older and weaker as a result of hard work he has done fantastic thin, pain-tightened lips show the pain he could be in. but he continues to have to function everyday and he tries to soothe the pain simply by repeatedly applying liniment to his again. This reminds us of his pain – ‘he poured his liniment into his pink palmed hand. ‘ Although Crooks is damaged by the ranch and does not have any status, he is a very pleased, dignified guy who wants people to respect the few privileges he has, ‘you got no right to come in here’ he said to Lennie mainly because his room was the just thing persons has esteem.

He has read about black rights, he could be interested in what rights he could have in other places. Although Crooks experienced the right to suspend Candy and Lennie by his place the desire for company transformed this. Having been happy to have the company in the two men, ‘well, why’n’t you punch ’em away? ‘ ‘I di’nt proper care much’. Steinbeck makes us sympathise with Crooks when he is presented as the most important victim on the ranch because he is damaged mentally, literally and emotionally. Steinbeck likewise makes all of us sympathise with Crooks because he is depressed and how he is lonely in the isolation in the other guys.

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