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Natural Disaster

In August 2016, the state of Louisiana experienced catastrophic flooding, especially at Creux Rouge and Lafayette areas. The flooding, rated as the most terrible normal disaster because the 2012 Typhoon Sandy, led to 10 fatalities and damage of house worth immeasureable dollars, leaving thousands of citizens homeless. The situation presented an important crisis pertaining to organizations decided with tragedy response, particularly the Federal Urgent Management Power (FEMA). A large number of agencies and folks have belittled FEMA because of not attending to the disaster with adequate urgency, as well as for the failure to warn the residents adequately prior to the tornado. Such criticism often sets the reputation of disaster response organizations at risk. FEMA can be subject to better public pressure, leading to inner reorganization and even dismissal of some officials.

Public welfare and Basic safety

In February 2016, Johnson Meeks, a multinational firm involved in manufacturing medical devices along with pharmaceutical and consumer packed products, captivated the attention with the public following verdict of your case concerning one of its products with talcum powder. The judiciary ordered the firm was to shell out $72 million in injuries to the family of a woman in whose death was linked to ovarian cancer caused by the dust. Following extreme condemnation upon social media, the firm faced a major public relations crisis. The verdict offers immense potential to change open public attitudes towards the firms products, which could possess dire outcomes on the company in terms of not simply revenue loss, but also reputational harm. More importantly, the firm could face extreme regulatory actions due to public welfare and safety concerns. This really is particularly accurate given that the verdict was your third main ruling up against the firm regarding its products. Additionally, there are other related cases in court waiting for ruling.

Public Understanding

Korean Electronics, a part of the To the south Korean business conglomerate Korean Group, is constantly on the recover from one of many worst downturn in the good the firm. Towards the end of Aug 2016, owners reported incidences of their latest version in the Galaxy Be aware smartphone series, the The samsung company Galaxy Note 7, overflowing or finding fire as a result of battery disorders. A repeat of the situations led to a recall with the devices and complete discontinuation of the product. The crisis has significantly affected Samsung with regards to not only income loss, yet also open public reputation. Consumers may start perceiving Samsung mobile phones as less safe. The unfavorable perceptions could even trickle into the companies other items such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions. Without a doubt, the reputational damage endured by The samsung company can be seen since an advantage for the companies major competitors, especially Apple.


Bore holes Fargo, an American financial services company, found itself embroiled within a major monetary scandal just lately. On Sept. 2010 8, 2016, federal government bodies revealed that the firms workers secretly produced millions of illegitimate bank and credit card accounts between Might 2011 and July 2015. Through the phony accounts, which have been largely caused by the businesses over-ambitious product sales program, the employees were able to strike sales targets and make the bank unwarranted fees earnings, thereby making more money. Inside the wake in the revelations, the firm paid out fines amounting to $185 million, among the largest corporate and business fines within the last five years. The scandal could considerably injury the reputation of the firm, especially given that the firm operates in an industry exactly where public self-confidence is crucial. Though the firm features since terminated the a few, 300 staff involved, the scandal will certainly make

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