critical regionalism

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Design and style

Design elements


The lighting in the building was inspired by the traditional African craft of basket-weaving from your rural neighborhoods of South Africa. The light details the supplies ever so slightly showing the texture of the subjected materials. The materials selected were selected because of the ability to communicate the traditional methods of space making by implementing contemporary design strategies. The art of weaving cloth and basket making is taken out of it is context and reinterpreted inside the setting.


Making use of the theme of substantialness. The Staircases and doorways resemble the craft of weaving and this is showcased by the way these people were used in all their aesthetics. The doors are decorated with classic emblems just like traditional structure. The visible interaction together with the building can be furthermore discovered with the use of colours that symbolize the South African banner.


The careful study and understanding of provincial traditions and cultures has received a clear and positive impact for the built type. The effects of this are not only experienced at a visible level nevertheless can also effects the feeling users get inside building. To be able to feel practices through space have created regal architecture through the years. A form of architecture that has constantly existed but has simply recently been noticed of the potential it bares for not just narrating yesteryear but to advantage the future as well, it is wide spread, though questionable topic it has clear implications on the interpersonal, psychological and physical progress societies.

There are lessons to be learned from an architecture that has such a solid identity and does no timid to state it is intentions, though the regional constructed form was designed to blend in, it might be a mistake to underestimate how further usually it takes the positive interpersonal implications it may have in modern lifestyle. The human relationships that express between the building envelope as well as the interior spaces give the places character. This can be common among the list of buildings that we have seemed it. The usage of locally procured material would not only provide an economic function but serve to ground home in its roots down to this website that fit only alone. This provides an impressive unique structure that although lacks the universal concepts arguments may state that it’s this that makes it better. These buildings hold a deeper meaning in their inception that often advertise generations of crafting inside the making.

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