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Excerpt via Research Newspaper:

Competition Benchmark Analyze

The objective of this kind of project is to use the competition benchmark to compare the next websites:

The group of the two websites contain tourists, families on holiday and people aiming to have a nice time.

The study uses the functionality, marketing tactics, navigation, content, functionality, multimedia and e-commerce for the standard analysis.

Look and Feel

A comparison analysis with the two websites reveals that amatteroftaste. me personally scores greater than the second website in term of font style, and screen. The color content in the amatteroftaste. myself is better by using the white color in the background and dark hues on top of the white color. The technique makes the font be more legible to the consumer than the typeface of the volkswagen. umuc. edu/~im639c23/imat639/about. html internet site. Moreover, the screen of the amatteroftaste. me personally is better than the screen of the second site making the contents be readable to users. The amatteroftaste. myself also uses the expensive video to show off the products and services offered to the customer making the website more desirable to users than nova. umuc. edu/~im639c23/imat639/about. html, the other website, without any flash to show the product and services making the website fewer appealing to users. In this category, amatteroftaste. me personally score 73% while the second website ratings 40%.


The nav platform from the amatteroftaste. myself is more interesting than the navigation platform in the The provides 6 menus while the amatteroftaste. me has five choices and 16 sub-menus. In addition, the amatteroftaste. me submenus elaborate the merchandise and providers that the firm offer to users. Furthermore, all the choices of the amatteroftaste. me will be functioning even so some of the food selection of the nova. umuc. edu/~im639c23/imat639/about. html are not functioning. Typically, only ABOUT ME PERSONALLY menu is completed, however , the MY HOUSE menu is still under structure. All other food selection are not operating. Contrarily, every one of the menus with the amatteroftaste. me are performing. Based on the analysis, amatteroftaste. me results 85% even though the second web page scores 30%.


In the same way, the amatteroftaste. me provides a better score in the home page’s content than the content of some other website. Besides being specialist written, the contents are easier to understand than the content of the second site. For example , this content of the Home Web page of the amatteroftaste. me is professionally written in such a way that a person with little comprehension of English can understand the content material. Moreover, the site uses the images as the visual presentations to explain this content of the Home Site. On the other hand, this article of the Home Webpage of the is less colorful and understandable while the content of some other website. In your home Page of HELEEN MELIA TOWNSEND website, the word material are too sophisticated, and the photographs on the home-page are not while professional since the pictures in the site. Moreover, there are some grammatical mistakes identified inside the About Me personally menu of the nova. umuc. edu/~im639c23/imat639/about. html code website. A few of the grammatical errors are as follows:

“I existed on the gorgeous and lively 32 sq mile polish capitol, ” and (Townsend, 2016 p 1).

“I are a indigenous of the Carribbean by way of the Us Virgin

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