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Both healers could learn how to incorporate approaches that may be not the same as their respective cultures into how they treat medical conditions.

Eventually Lia was put into promote care because the doctor assumed that the parents were not taking care of her correctly. Lia’s engender parents were Dee and to Korda. That they had children of their own and wanted to care for Lia. Lia required a great deal of treatment and affection and her foster mom gave her this passion even to the point of breast feeding Lia. I was not surprised with the level of love; I was relatively surprised the foster mother breast fed Lia correct along with her neurological child. The foster parents did not belittle the Lees. Te engender parents attempted to understand the Lee’s perspective upon medical care but in reality understood the angle of the American doctors and the fact that Lia needed to acquire her medications. Although the Kordas were following the medical regiments prescribed by the doctors, her conditioned worsened. Ultimately the Kordas advised that Lia be returned to her father and mother because they will believed that being from them was making her even sicker. This opinion goes back to the belief the Hmong have the spiritual condition of a person can have got a outstanding impact on their very own physical condition. Ultimately it seemed that getting rid of Lia by her parents did more harm than good and the Kordas identified that a problem had been built.

The cultural worker was able to garner the trust in the Lees mainly because she was patient and took time to listen and understand their perspective. The cultural workers means of communicating with the Lees built them more at ease and decreased their fears. This type of persistence was not present with the other Americans rather they were irritated and there were a great deal of pressure. It should become noted the social member of staff was removed from having to deal with administering medical care and so there was a different perspective that the social staff member could take.

Despite the fact that Lia is extremely young and simply cannot speak to get herself, I find myself tha the author really captured Lia’s words and heart. Lia likely just wanted to get well; this is the sentiment that may be derived from the book. Quite a lot of what happened with her was out of her control. She did not decide to get sick, the girl didn’t select her medical treatment, and the girl didn’t decide to get taken away from her father and mother. All of these points had a profound effect on Lia’s ability to function as normal kid. Even though Lia could not speak for himself she is naturally a person with worth. Afterall the complete book was about trying to enhance her quality lifestyle and how to preserve her your life. Lias Parents, the Kordas and all of the medical perfessionals believed her life to be of value. Even though the medical professionals were frustrated with the way her treatment was going you still got the impression that they wished her being well. The doctor who got child defensive services included also assumed that it was the proper thing to do as well as the only way that Lia’s life could possibly be saved. Quite a lot of energy was expended in an attempt to make Lia well mainly because she was important and valuable.

Total this book shows the serious problems that arise the moment cultures battle and people of various cultures have no idea of how to give up. The book echoes the concept there was several truth to both civilizations as it pertains to the giving of health-related. The Hmong’s cultures soft way of working with patients and their relatives can be something that American doctors can easily learn from. The Hmong tradition emphasizes direct contact and delicate response to questions and reactions. Sometimes American culture is very fast paced therefore driven by simply how quickly you can get results that this does not take into consideration the needs of the complete person. However, the Hmong culture can learn to be aggressive in the manner that body ailments will be treated.


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