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Culture have been characterized since the values, arts, probe, customs and traditions exhibited by a number of individuals in a particular culture (Langness 1987). It has for ages been believed that culture has become associated with your ancestry. My trip to Jamaica has made this evident that the entirely does not apply. There are a number of other factors that could cause two groups of person from the same ethnical backdrop but moving into different communities. My conventional paper will be speaking about my encounters and understanding during my brief but meaningful trip to this island then of Discovery bay, jamaica.

My own Cultural Qualifications In order to show that people who also come from the same ethnical backdrop do not actually have to have similar culture, Let me first present information regarding my own personal backdrop to act as the basis. Although I i am an American surviving in California, my personal ethnical descent is Photography equipment. The origins of my family are embedded in Mississippi. It is for this reason why the food and life-style I have been lifted with resembles those that live in the the southern part of part of the region.

In fact , whether or not I do originate from a single parent household, each of our traditions are extremely much The southern area of from the meals we eat, the importance we give to the religion and spending time with all the family. Day One of My own Trip This kind of trip has not been just my own first time to Jamaica, yet my initially trip outside of the United States. As soon as I had obtained out of the plane, I could declare I was quickly shocked using what greeted me. When I remaining California for Jamaica, We went through a great airport that was air-conditioned and my own full of the most up-to-date security preventative measure devices and machines to pass through.

I did not find anything of the sort after i arrived in the airport for Jamaica. No high-technology protection equipment without air-conditioner running in the international airport. I was welcomed by a gentleman named Darwin Mills who had been going to travel me towards the house of Mr. and Mrs. David, my web host family. Mr. Mill’s personality was since warm while the weather. He was more than happy drive an automobile me 1st around the Montego Bay area of the island to lure me to around. Even though he was extremely enthusiastic about every thing in Discovery bay, jamaica, I could not really help but notice just how different it was from my hometown in California.

It absolutely was if I was in another community. For starters, the car used by Mr. Mills to create me to my destination was right-handed, which was how come they were generating in the reverse lane than I would back California. I also found people jogging in either side of that which was supposedly all their main highway. When I meant that they were jogging either side of the road, I i am not referring to them jogging in sidewalks in either aspect of the highway. They were virtually walking on the medial side of the highway. What really caught my attention was how underdeveloped the area was.

It was nothing like what you will see in tourist pamphlets and magazines. The roadways were stuffed with pot holes. Homes were small and the fencing were terribly made. There have been no skyscrapers or huge business establishments home. It made me realize just how fortunate I had been living in a sturdy durable house with a sturdy fence and driving a car on a well-paved road, regardless of the horrendous traffic. My initial taste of authentic Jamaican cuisine was at lunch time once Mr. Generators brought me to the Rock House Hotel.

I was impressed on just how fresh the meals was. That tasted deliciously different. And, I was taken up Rick’s Cafe, which is noted more pertaining to the daredevils jumping above the cliffs in to the wide green ocean. In the background was obviously a steel trommel band playing Reggae music, which is among the signatures of Jamaica. I used to be fascinated on how something therefore simple could possibly be able to develop wonderful, positive music. When ever Mr. Generators dropped me at Mr. and Mrs. James’ property, I almost jumped at the sight of the puppies that Mr. James keeps loose at the front end yard.

He apologized for them and told me that their pups were permitted to run loose for their individual protection. Although their homes were pre-loaded with two air-conditioners, he told me that is almost never used as electricity is quite expensive in Jamaica. This is the reason why they only use electric fans. As I retired to get the night, I actually kept reminding myself never to immediately assess my life in California and what I include initially observed in Jamaica to ensure that I would have the ability to fully understand more about surviving in Jamaica. Day time Two of My Trip

The highlight from the second day time of my trip was when Mr. and Mrs. James launched me to Mr. James’ uncle, Charles and his relation, Brenda. It had been through my personal conversation with them that we begun to slowly learn more about Jamaica. According to all of them, for a long time, Jamaica had been a colony of England. That only obtained its independence in 62. Majority of the inhabitants of the island were predominantly of African ancestry, like I used to be. Although they live far away by Africa, that they still hold dearly for their African traditions and persuits.

Celebrations in the various African festivals are held every year. Despite their booming travel industry, Discovery bay, jamaica remains to become third world country. This chat had clarified a lot of my inquiries when I got first arrived in Jamaica and it had exposed my eyes and my mind and developed an understanding and gratitude to the people living in Jamaica. In spite of everything around them, they remain to get warm and very accommodating in my experience and more than willing to help me learn just as much as I can about Jamaica and Jamaican’s way of life. Day Three of My personal Trip

My own last time in Jamaica happened to land on a Sunday. The afternoon started which has a day at the beachside which Jamaica has long been known for. Although I did not go there to swimming, because I really do not know how. Instead, I had been taken by Mister. James towards the beach to do some shopping. Unlike in California wherever everything is bought from your grocery or perhaps seafood marketplace, here in Jamaica, it only takes an issue of a few several hours for the foodstuff to be found, picked, cleaned out, cooked and served. Talking to meals, my own last meals in Discovery bay, jamaica was anything similar the particular one that I would normally have back home.

I was served a feast of greens, cool chicken, grain and peas. Just like at home, Sunday was obviously a time the moment families celebration and enjoy every others’ business over a fantastic spread of home-cooked preferred. Reflection Taking the road much less traveled by American visitors in Discovery bay, jamaica, I was capable to learn so much about their way of life. Back home, I have been fortunate to have use of a number of amenities and liberties that most Jamaicans would just dream about. Yet, their condition has not lessened their nice and sunny outlook toward life.

Inspite of their limited resources, Jamaicans are able to take full advantage of what they have and keep a positive outlook. As an example, some Africa Americans to this day hold a grudge against Caucasian People in america for the prejudice, racism and oppression the old generations have observed since the moments of the servant trade. When Jamaicans got also experienced the same oppressive treatment in the hands of the English, they have placed the oppression to their rear and instead commemorate on the fact that they will be now clear of the oppression. Reference Langness, L. T. (1987). Study regarding Culture. Neofito, CA: Chandler & Razor-sharp.


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