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Cultural identity can be defined as our feeling of belonging to a particular lifestyle or ethnic group. Film production company ‘Bend this Like Beckham’ written, aimed and made by ‘Gurinder Chadha’ and the related text ‘Integrated’ by ‘Sylvia Kantaris’ covers how tradition creates a person’s identity in society. Fold it like Beckham is actually a British-Indian film and provides a main focus on a young Sikh-Indian girl, Jesminder.

The movie relates to a variety of topics by demonstrating Jess to possess a desperate desire of playing football against the wish of her parents who want her to finish her education, learn to cook proper Indian foods and settle down by getting married to a nice Indian boy. The themes of this movie move parallel together with the related text message by talking with regards to a Greek Women who has moved to Australia but is not wanting to integrate in Australian traditions as she actually is scared of dropping her Greek culture. Fold it just like Beckham shows cultural personality as a method to obtain both enjoyment conflict.

This really is shown by a series of terminology and film techniques for model camera photos, soundtracks, clothes, celebrations and language use. The engagement scene is among the major picture showing comfort in the film. This scene shows the family getting proud of all their culture and religion. Their very own culture and religion can be explored through this film through their philosophy, rituals, cuisine, dressing, respect to parents and traditional role of ladies. The Diamond scene depends on a close up shot of the Indian sweets depicting the happiness inside their celebrations.

The soundtrack through this scene displays their impression of belonging to their culture as it is composed with music instruments such as the Flute as well as the drum which can be among the most popular and traditional instruments to get such music. As Jess is offering candy to the friends one of the older lady says, “It will probably be your turn quickly! Do you want a clean shaven boy as you sister or maybe a proper Sikh with a complete beard and a turban indicating their very own cultural opinion of their children marrying in the same tradition. The field then goes along with a full shot of people soaking in close proximity to each other displaying togetherness and equality.

Every one of the ladies happen to be wearing similar type of garments and some numbers of gold comprising their delight being a part of the celebration. As well the facial expressions of everybody present presently there indicates joy. The Son-in-law is then offered a religious bangle which is considered as an important pre-wedding ritual. As well the parents of the relatives then comply with rituals to ward off wicked from the few meaning that traditions play a huge role to show their particular cultural personality. The field then ends with a capture of their property which is full of lighting and glow and the neighbouring house being dark therefore showing positivity.

The Marriage and Grand final Day field is a method to obtain conflict as well as comfort. The film’s name obviously refers to the skill used by David Beckham when taking free kicks. However , it could also be seen as a metaphor for the very fact that Jess has to flex and adapt to traditional guidelines and values in order to get what she would like. This scene from the motion picture shows Jess’s struggle to find a balance among her desires and her family objectives thus showcasing conflict and cultural clash. As the wedding and grand final time morning techniques the moments start switching quickly between Pinky’s marriage and the group preparing for the match.

The close up shots of Jess’s face as well as the sound monitor being a sad tune signifies Jess’s unhappiness as she’s not able to play the meet. The scene starts with the bride appearing out of the house, totally dressed and happy and the Groom approaching a litorale as per their particular traditional persuits. All other people are seen to be joyful and outfitted with the traditional Sari. They all go to the forehead where the new bride and the bridegroom get married suggesting their customs and traditions. The scene alternates demonstrating the football members playing the meet. As the family and friends reach the function hall, Mister.

Bhamra gives Jess the permission to look and perform the meet by expressing “If this is the only method I am going to help you happy on your sister’s wedding then go now!  Jess leaves with her friend Tony in the car. The lady changes coming from her Sari to the sports costume symbolising difference in the clothing. Jess reaches and starts playing and everyone at the function corridor is moving which then is actually a source of comfort and ease. Also the soundtrack improvements from a tragic to a happy one and gets hectic symbolising the happiness upon both the factors.

The climax of this whole scene is when Jess has to choose a free conquer as the lady falls on the ground because of a lady from the rival team. The close up shot of Jess’s face as well as the ball shows tension. Once Jess examines the objective post, your woman sees her 5 women from her family browsing front of it instead of the ladies from the rival team symbolising the boundaries of her life. The sound track then changes to ‘Nessun Dorma’ by Pavarotti who had been a well-known Oprah musician. The lyrics of this are “Vincero, vincero, vincero which mean “I shall win.  The full shot of Jess kicking the free kick and the girl making an objective shows she overcoming the boundaries.

A low angle taken with the glowing sun previously mentioned Jess’s mind when every one of the team players lift Jess high and Pinky staying lifted simply by her partner in the function hall simultaneously indicate the happiness equally sisters possess achieved. You will discover other minor scenes which will show cultural clash will be: Jess having Beckham’s poster in her room and family room having Guru Nanak’s portrait suggesting the difference inside the cultures, Jess playing with boys and the lady wearing trousers which is evident through Mrs. Bhamra’s discussion “I may want playing around half undressed in front of men and Jess being called a “Paki within a football meet.

The poem ‘Integrated’ shows cultural identification as a method to obtain conflict simply by showing a Greek ladies who has moved to Sydney but isn’t very ready to absorb into the Aussie culture and as a method to obtain comfort if the grandchild is assimilated in to the Australian culture. This is displaying through the framework of the composition which is short sentences which will create a truly feel of effects. The lady labeled in this composition is afraid of losing her Greek tradition which is seen through the lines “She brought her region with her in packaging cases The utilization of metaphor through this line displays her belonging to her nation.

The lines “rocking to the sound of a sousta, since she shouts advice to her daughter inside the tongue of her youth show her belonging to her Ancient greek language culture since she listens to Ancient greek songs and talks in Greek terminology. The technique of listing is used to show her belonging to her lifestyle in the collection “her nephew, the priest who comes for espresso, the children This series hence shows her connection to the points and people from Greece to become source of convenience. It also implies that the girl with not ready to leave all of that behind while she is afraid of losing her culture.

But , the poetess has made make use of contrast inside the second half of the poem to create an impact to demonstrate comfort in the grandchild’s by causing reference to Aussie culture and things. The Greek could granddaughter is definitely shown to have been born and exposed to Australian things, dialect, culture and lifestyle. This really is seen through the quote “Her grandchild, playing near her, sees wattle, leafy manga tress signifies that the granddaughter is content being exposed to Australian lifestyle.

A feeling of belonging and conflict is viewed in the last line of the composition, ” Down under is more delicate than she is, showing that the Traditional women considers Australia can transform according to her liking nevertheless she won’t be able to change to get Australia. In summary, the movie and the poem go parallel exhibiting how items a persons ethnical identity in society. It also tells us that folks can be captured between two cultures and have to find ways to balance their desires and others expectations. Throughout the referred texts we buy knowledge about just how situation can be a source of convenience as well as of conflict.

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