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Cultural Revolution

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Sexual Orientation, Masculinity, Cultural Identity, Dress Code

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The famous Calvin Klein ad featuring Marky Mark required everyone by surprise as it revealed that guys could be intimate and have girly qualities to them. A current day example of metrosexual icons is David Beckham. Beckham has equally commercial and psychological appeal. He features earned vast amounts for sponsoring fashion accessories. His style provides influenced a lot of males all over the world and encouraged them to desire to the same degree of corporate financed exhibitionism. Relating to Turner, people are swamped with stereotypical images of attractive persons in the mass media every day. This kind of factor exposes them to human body types which make sensitive creatures more conscious about their body and evaluate themselves to unrealistic mass media images of thinness and muscularity. (Turner et approach., 1997). (Lorenzen, Grieve, and Thomas).

The movement pertaining to Metrosexuality started in the late nineties when a craze emerged to portray guys as intimate commodified body. This new change in advertising motivated the straight male to worry about his image just as much as a female could do. A male started using products, getting manicures and facials, using different health care goods etc . The main reason David Beckham is the best metrosexual about is that this individual keeps tinkering with his overall look. He has great looks, a new hairstyle every time, an enormous wardrobe of clothes, talent, personality, a great family man, style, is charitable and very kind. These factors have endeared him to numerous and made him the idol for a lot of men.


The limitations between men and women have began to blur since metrosexual men have become too concerned with their appears. They have constantly had electric power and want to get more while looking good at the same time. The metrosexual guy is more hypersensitive, self-aware and conscious of his looks. The media is in charge of creating this new problem, which is spinning unmanageable and shows no indications of disappearing quickly.


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