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Mannerism, Cross Ethnic Management, Assertiveness, Elder Abuse

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Cultural Study of Asia and Hong Kong

Culture includes a major effects over types personality. How a person communicates and behave, depends on its tradition. Since, traditions controls an individual’s acts invisibly therefore it is not easier intended for the person to get over along with his developed cultural habits and that is what makes him different from other folks. (Hall, 1983)

Since, costly age of globalization where persons from different cultures ought to work together. Different teams, without doubt increase the possibilities profit and success intended for an organization. As, there are even more sources of innovations and tips. Improvement in creativity and decision making are a few of the visible features of diverse workforce. Yet one simply cannot neglect the value of language. Since, is it doesn’t language that could lead to misunderstanding and thus make big complications.

Inter-culture connection is simple and the most important criteria. Be it international transportation, immigration patterns, modern connecting technologies just like email, fax or geostationary satellites, all highlight upon the importance of inter-culture communication. (Clyne, 1994)

Thinking about the importance of inter-culture communication and globalization, it is important for any kind of expatriate, traveler or entrepreneur to initially collect advice about the target market and also the area of interest. Since, there are quantity of aspects just like religion, best practice rules and customs that must be regarded as before making virtually any decision. In addition, there are different motivating factors, working models and company structures inside each culture. Even beliefs and mannerism have different requirements. So , just how can managers by all around the world deal with the varied workforce! Seeing that, there are various items that manager has to take care of when reaching the different workforce. One has to importantly consider the cultural rules and values of every worker and respect them. Carry out they stick to generalized model or study only from their particular experiences to satisfy their different workforce? Yes, there is a general model helping people around in developing strategies and organizational set ups.

Dr . Geert Hofstede got step concerning this issue in 1970’s and researched more than 40 countries. He researched various cultures and created a model of cultural proportions. These sizes decide the prominent top features of any lifestyle. Hofstede have scored each tradition within a selection of 0 to 100. Larger the number, larger is the attribute in culture. Taking a look in the scores of Hofstede dimensions can assist a lot in designing a structure intended for the organization. (Hofstede G., 2001)

There are five Hofstede sizes which are as follows:

Power/Distance (PD)

Individualism (IDV)

Masculinity (MAS)

Uncertainty/Avoidance Index (UAI)

Long term Orientation (LTO)

(Hofstede, 1980)


PD refers to the level of inequality. Higher PD rating indicates the community will not mind unequal distribution of powers. They will understand their particular authorities as per their situation. Whereas the lower PD report means that power is similarly shared and dispersed.


IDV identifies the strength of connection of a person with other persons or community. High individualism culture features loose interconnection among people while there is a solid bonding in low individulism.


It is the measure of country’s goal positioning. Masculine refers to assertiveness and female to care. The substantial score in MAS index shows masculinity and low score indicates feminity. The masculine society give desire to status and competition whereas feminity emphasize in human associations and working together. Since guys are known for assertiveness and women to get care.

Uncertainty/Avoidance Index

Is it doesn’t measure of their education to which people give importance to uncertainty. The substantial scored residential areas most of the time eliminates planning eclectic circumstances although low obtained nations are highly conscious.

Long term Orientation

LTO measures the attitude of the community towards values and traditions that may be for the length of time they go through the old persuits. The large scored nations stick to their traditions whereas low termes conseillés favors transform.

Hofstede style has made it quite easier for one to deal with the diverse classy people. By noting down the scores, you can develop better strategy to speak.

(Mind Tools, 1996)

Based on the findings of (Hall At the., 1977) there are numerous kinds of connection styles. They may be as follows:

Excessive Context Versus Low Framework

Direct Vs . Indirect

Formal Vs . Informal

High context cultures are the ones in which verbal and nonverbal data is combined to convey the complete meaning. Usually people talk in indirect and formal style although in case of low context civilizations people speak in direct and informal style. (Coverdell)

Direct communicators prefer speaking up anything that is required. That they don’t trouble about injuring other emotions but think that conflicts could be resolved if everythings gets discussed. They will place the issue on risk by opening up all the things which may have on their head. However , indirect communicators possess fear of dropping face and so believe on not proclaiming everything. They will normally participate in the organizations and give preference to social norms and traditions therefore do their best to avoid fights. Since, indirect communicators attempts to avoid conflicts and give importance to manners so they have more formal style whilst communicating and vice versa in the case of direct communicators. (Stark, 1999)

In addition to the previously mentioned measures, there are number of experts who have identified other factors computing the social dimensions. Nevertheless , the best and vastly employed is the Hofstede model.

Ethnic Values and Communication Type of Thailand

Applying Hofstede five dimensional unit on the lifestyle of Asia, we found the following ratings:

Power Range 64

Individuality 20

Masculinity 34

Concern avoidance sixty four and Long term orientation 56

With the report of sixty four on PD index, this means that the lifestyle doesn’t mind inequalities therefore there is a rigid system of process and order. People offer respect for their seniors and their privileges. There may be more formal relationship among the list of boss as well as the subordinates. Subordinates have simply an usage of selective data and authorities.

The IDV score i actually. e. 20 indicates that Thailand is actually a true collectivist country. Means the nation highlight over the close family and expanded family relationships. People are concerned with the group they are in and to all their extended family members. Groups will be being associated with decision making and emotions of each and every other person are cared for. This is the reason why door step revenue are so powerful in Thailand.

The MAS score in Thailand is definitely 34 that indicate feminity. However the classic gender roles or men and women are lax. It truly is been seen that guys watch over the youngsters at home and ladies go for function outdoor. There is certainly high percentage of women functioning at low positions approximately higher positions.

Thailand scores 64 about UAI level means that the society is highly carefree. People do not program the unpredicted conditions and steer clear of uncertainty. In order to minimize this factor, organizations have presented strict regulations. However , general public is still not habitual of digesting the change so frequently. Therefore the society is quite risk unfavorable.

Thailand contemporary society believes upon long-term alignment since it results 56 within the LTO scale. However , it is not as long term oriented because Asian countries. The dominant beliefs of the Asia culture are hard work and sense of moderation. They offer preference upon investing in groupings and personal interactions. Since, Thai society is more leaned toward LTO therefore the timescales and deadlines are fluid. (Geert-Hofstede, 2011)

Persons of Asia usually have a polite characteristics and they extremely emphasize on the respect of elders. They will communicate in an indirect method as they consider on the concept of “losing confront. ” They will try to avoid issues and confrontations and so offer preference to formal and non-verbal connection. For this reason that they belong to the group of large context communicators.

Thais provide high importance to the good manners like directing an index ring finger or by foot is considered in bad manners. Honest behavior between the men and women is disliked in Thailand. Yet , Thais have a friendly frame of mind and a cheerful nature. (Kwintessestial)

Cultural Principles and Interaction Style of Hong Kong

Applying Hofstede five dimensional model on the culture of Hong Kong, we found the next scores:

Electric power Distance 68

Individualism 25

Masculinity 57

Uncertainty prevention 29 and Long-term alignment 96

The PD credit score of Hong Kong is higher as just like Thailand that is 68 which usually indicate which the culture welcomes unequal electrical power distributions. Subordinates usually do not make issues relating to power mistreatment by supervisor and older persons. There are formal and centralized organizational constructions and only few members should interfere in decision making.

Hk indicates low score in individualism, even though slightly higher than the Asia but still lies in the range of collectivist nations. People of Hong Kong offer more choice to the friends and family life more than their function life. They may have an importance for their direct as well as their very own extended family members. Moreover, they may have good and friendly interactions with their close friends and co-workers as well. Generally, they have a supportive and nurturing nature to get in-groups. While like Thailand, marketers make investments more on door step advertising than media advertisements. (Smith, Peterson, Thomas)

Contrary to Thailand, Hong Kong score larger on PORÉM scale.

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