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Case 1 . TECSMART ELECTRONICS Recognize the problem: Come up with objectives: Design alternative methods of action: Analysis of the ACA: a. advantages b. downsides Conclusion: Suggestion: Case 2 . CAN HALF A DOZEN SIGMA WORK IN HEALTH CARE? Discover the problem: Fresh culturein a healthcare facility Formulate objectives: To make that easy to personnel and all écuries the new construction to be applied. Design alternative courses of action: Evaluation of the ACA: a. positive aspects b. downsides Conclusion: Recommendation: Case 3. TOYOTA MOTO CORPORATION, LTD. Identify the condition: Losing quality products.

Formulate goals: To be able to consitently offer quality items. To be able to regain top quality edge. Style alternative methods of action: Inspect every process in the production system to make certain delivery of quality items to customers. Analysis of the ACA: a. Advantages: High quality products. User’s satisfaction to products. m. Drawbacks: Costly Time-consuming Summary: Toyota started to be a patient of its very own success. Because of its focus in becoming the top auto developer in the world, this affected it is product quality.

Customers started to face safety related concerns in Toyota vehicles. Toyota had sacrificed its legendary quality and ignored its own management rules and buyers. Recommendation: To obtain the them to neglect their own pride in having their own rules and management, if it will lead them to a low quality products and unhappy customers. It is good in the event that they would give attention to providing top quality and always carry out an inspection prior to giving away goods to buyer to ensure top quality. Case some.

THE NIGHTMARE ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS STREET Identify the problem: Inefficient customer service program. Formulate targets: To improve cutomer service experience. In order to provide top quality service to consumers. In order to provide successful service. To be able to provide fast deal. Design substitute course of action: Recreate the consumer service program Work with additional customer care representatives to entertain telephone calls Analysis from the ACA: a. Advantages: Customer satisfaction to efficient services.

The more the employess, the more individuals can assist in customer’s have to entertain the requirements and problems. b. Disadvantages: More cost is shouldered by the company. Time consuming. Conclusion: In order to satisfy customer’s need to be entertain, the firm is in a need of new employees. As a consumer myself, I actually also get pissed of to systems similar to this because it is incredibly time consuming. Recommendation: I would suggest to hire even more employees for the user’s need to be amuse urgently and efficiently. In case it is possible to reform the system, it is greater.


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