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Data Security is the system by which meaning is converted to form that cannot be browse by the illegal user, called ciphertext. Only user creating a secret key can gain access to the text message. The message before staying sent with out encryption is named plaintext. Two mechanisms of message encryptions are: Symmetrical encryption, where the same magic formula key referred to as private key is applied to encrypt the data by sender and decrypt the data by the device. The secret key is common pertaining to sender and receiver. Uneven encryption uses two keys, private and public pertaining to encryption and decryption.

The mechanism of data encryption is to protect information coming from threats as it is stored about computers and transmitted online or various other computer sites. The following mechanism is used for changing the written text into hues at the tv-sender side: ASCII based development mechanism employing color

The strategy of ASCII based encoding mechanism applying colors is used by. In RGB 256 color style, a pixel is symbolized by twenty four bits, through which 8 pieces represent the intensity of each and every color. For instance, color (100, 125, 140) is showed as (01100100 01111101 10001100) and implemented by. Finding the first ten bits my spouse and i. e. 01100100: and neglecting the Most Significant Bit, the remaining six bits or perhaps first 128 parts of the colour is used to represent a character inside the ASCII stand. Likewise, 3 different heroes can be denoted by a one color. Hence, a text message document is usually converted into a great encoded document filled with coloured dots. By using the above technique of encoding, huge quantity of text can be compressed and transmitted in a more secured way. Concept of ASCII based encoding method for symbolizing characters and changing these people into colors is used inside the proposed research.

Lossless text compression

Text compression mechanism requires that the mix of compression and decompression mechanisms to be lossless, or else your data cannot be renewed in real format. The information compression through text replacement method is referred by. The scheme of data compression systems includes alterations among various factors, such as degree of compression, amount of distortion released, if utilizing a lossy compression algorithm plus the computational methods required to shrink and uncompress data. The mechanism given below is used to get lossless text compression in the Color Coded encryption at the source end implemented by simply Huffman:

Huffman Encoding Compression Formula

The Huffman development algorithm is an maximum compression protocol in which the incident of each notification or symbol are used to compress the data. The theory behind the algorithm is the fact if you have a few letters which have been more recurrent than others, it makes logic to work with fewer parts to encode those letters than to encode the less repeated letters. This algorithm builds the bottom up tree making use of the occurrence of each letter or perhaps symbol.

First, every single letter begins as part of its very own tree and trees happen to be ordered by the occurrence in the letters inside the actual string. Then the two least commonly used letters happen to be combined into one tree plus the frequency of that tree is scheduled to be the merged frequency of the two trees that it backlinks together.

This new forest is reinserted into the record of forest in its categorized place. The process is then repeated, treating woods with more than one particular element similar to any other woods except that their frequencies are definitely the sum of the frequencies of all the letters at the leaves. This is certainly just the amount of the left and right children of any node because every single node stores the regularity information about its children. The procedure completes when all of the woods have been merged into a single shrub. This shrub describes a Huffman compression encoding.

Generally forest is design and style from the bottom up manner: we start out with 256 trees and end up with a single forest with 256 leaves along with 255 internal nodes. The shrub has interesting property: the occurrences of all of the internal nodes combined jointly will give the total number of portions needed to write the encoded data file.

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