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Data Warehousing and Traveling with a laptop

In the contemporary competitive environment, organizations are being forced to gather, store and analyze a big volume of info to make an analytical decision. However , business executives will be faced with time constraints the moment analyzing data, thus, data warehousing over the mobile computing came into existing to assist in analyzing data quickly anywhere to assist in enhancing an efficient timely decision. The study gives the literary works reviews on the application of the info warehousing within the mobile computing. The research reveals that as companies are increasingly doing all their businesses on the net, thus, keeping and interacting with data above the mobile devices are getting to be a necessity. Together with the growth of the powerful notebook computer and internet, it is now feasible to store a large volume of info in the mobile devices and cloud computing.


Data warehousing is defined as the database system that agencies use to get reporting and analysis. Typically, DW (data warehousing) has been identified as the core components of business intelligence simply by storing both the current and historical data to create a great analytical survey. With the fast development of i . t, the application of mobile devices has become a usual. Moreover, the emergence styles in the usage of mobile devices have made a large number of designers integrate info warehousing tool in the cellular technology to boost competitive industry advantages. (Bakar, Ta’s, (2012). Towards the middle of the 2000s, your data warehousing is only used to support business proper decisions. However , in the modern competitive organization environment, organizations are being forced to make quick and top quality decisions to enhance financial activities, enhance operations, increase earnings, and assist human resources. Confronted with time constraints, businesses are having to collect and analyze data quickly, therefore, the data warehousing tools are increasing becoming integrated into the mobile devices to enhance faster decision.

The objective of this kind of paper is usually to conduct a literature review on info warehousing and mobile computing.

Literary works Review

Golfarelli, Rizzi, (2009) argued that an increase in the necessity of data storage in the business environment has necessitated a proceed to data storage model into the mobile devices. Nevertheless , the way of achieve the mobile data warehouse objective is to use the DM (dimension modeling) to enhance a persistence in the design and style environment. According to Bakar, Ta’s, (2012), the aspect modeling has become proved powerful for the development of the mobile phone data warehousing since 99. However , mobile phones such as iPhone, Tablet, and Palm Top have limited computing power (memory, pc power, screen and weight). To solve this matter, Gaspar et al. (2011) propose a warehouse software over the “Microsoft Dynamics Navision 5. zero Enterprise Resource Planning system. ” (Gaspar et approach. 2011 g 1).

Golfarelli, Rizzi, (2009) contribute to the argument by pointing out

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