death penalty should not be abolished essay

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Criminal offenses

In the past, their lives who dedicate crimes had been taken easily. The Code of Hammurabi has many stern laws to punish guilt ridden people. It was said “If anyone ensnares another, putting a ban after him, although he are not able to prove this, then this individual that ensnared him will be put to death.  by the code of Hammurabi. This kind of law demonstrates people were reprimanded when doing something of illegitimate. Apparently the death charges is one kind of alert punishment, and reminding people not to jeopardize the legal rights of other people.

However , in the recently years, people pay much more attention in the human rights. Some of persons start thinking that the loss of life penalty should be abolished. Additionally, there are in contrast opinions to judge the issue of the death charges. In my opinion, the existence of the death penalty is necessary. Especially we are able to save society resource, stop the crime charge increase, gaming system the population’s psychology.

First, the society doesn’t have duty to costs much funds for a homicide all life in jail.

It is very expensive to hold somebody in penitentiary for life. Your life prisoners remain in prison normally for 35 to 40 years at an expense of$40, 000 to$50, 1000 per year. At first the homicide commit crimes which has encroach on other’s right. Each year the government must pay much money within the prisoner of life imprisonment. On the other hand, if a murder is definitely provided by every common people, it really is unfair for any common people to improve the killing who is a killer. We work hard in the world, why do we have to pay our salary to a tough? Nothing the murder done, but the crime does. It seems too silly to raise a murder who have makes a big mistake to get a life. Second, the death penalty can easily frighten and hinder committing crime. To avoid people never to take others easily, they should know they will die in the event they eliminate somebody. Pertaining to the research, enforcing the death fees can save 20 people’s life. Another news reporter shows that the Korea has abolished the death fees for several years, however the crime price has been maximize.

The important of death penalty can’t be ignored, and the fatality penalty has got the position cannot be waved. The presence of death penalty warns people not to dedicate serious criminal offenses easily, and stop the criminal offense rate enhance. Third, the death penalty consoles the people’s mindset. Some people think that anyone has no right to remove other’s lifestyle, even to punish the prisoner. Certainly that life is a valuable present which God gives all of us. So the life is very important for people. Otherwise, a murder who have offended other peoples the useful right, he is not become excused. A murder might take more over one existence. The same, he takes a lot of valuable present that he can’t be excused.

Then we all don’t reprimand him, and provide him s i9000 chance to have. Who can provide the chance for the victim to have? Finally, we all don’t need to shell out so much society resource to imprison a murder, plus the government can use the money in education and improving the society. The potency of executing the death penalty is a caution to tell people not to tough others. The human right is very valuable, therefore we aren’t take other’s life easily. Enforcing loss of life penalty is a way to confess the relatives of dead persons. It means the proper rights of the world. So the death penalty may not be abolished through this society.


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