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“Good morning community!! It’s the initially day of school and I was truly excited! See you my dear batchmates!!, ” I tweeted on the web. “See you Rachel, I am just ecstatic to determine you around, ” a reply from a dear classmate.

?nternet site take a walkalator from 7th Street towards the College of Entrepreneurship and Marketing, I can see newly completed high rise buildings at the industrial center and searching farther is a perfect scenery of any consistently gorgeous sleeping woman over the wonderful Lanao Lake.

“This sure will be a great day!! “

Reaching the key entrance with the College of Entrepreneurship and Marketing is definitely an upgraded center with a microchip reader to ensure that only bona fide students may enter the school premises. Finally, I met my co-majors and after stating hellos in their classroom, everyone received busy updating statuses in facebook and twitter, “First day at school with a hashtag, “HERE WE ALL GO AGAIN: D” Having checked my own newsfeed, My spouse and i replied with their tweets, “Good luck! “

Then a voice said, “Good morning everybody!! Today can be Monday, Summer 15, 2020, and welcome to the Head Museum.

” The mind art gallery is actually a creative imagination room that stimulates both imagination and critical considering. “Swipe the ID credit card on the sensor to activate your account in this course”, the voice ongoing. Then a video presentation was projected in screen. “WELCOME to Marketing 111 which can be all about Internet Marketing. ” “Log on to and down load a copy with the syllabus, school policies plus the grading system. “

Having heard that, our instructor entered the students and was standing in front to keep the alignment. With the extensive monitor lurking behind his again, he simply flipped internet pages of the business presentation by using hand signals that is to be detected by the sensor!! “Wow, that’s fabulous!! I’m caring the new learning environment! Complex and state-of-the-art facilities are in place! Net connection is secure!! And everything leads to a conducive learning process! ” The instructor finally said, “Keep updated about our online classroom! Help you there! “

On our way to the lobby was an electronic bulletin recognizing the Crème of the Crop from the College. “WOW!! What a great way to start this semester, I actually am one of many Dean’s Lister. Thank God!! ” Then, a bigger digital billboard was placed near the gymnasium showcasing the accomplishments of the learners, the news within the various board and tavern topnotchers of MSU and the winnings in the faculty and student researchers in international research newspaper presentations. WOW!! Mindanao Express University is actually doing well in the pursuit of academics excellence. In fact , many colleges in MSU include garnered it of whether Center of Excellence or perhaps Center of Development. Certainly, MSU has reaped the hardwork, persistence and dedication to a top notch university. These great successes are well worth a party!!

Then, somebody said, “Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, wake up!! Really already 8: 00 o’clock in the morning. Rush, today may be the start of the enrolment. Get yourself fixed and most of us catch up. We have to enrol sufficient number of academics units thus we could graduate student on time, ” my bunkmate explained. We hurriedly went to the bathroom grinning of the fantastic dream I had formed. “Time can come that MSU will become a world-class university or college. For now, I must face the various challenges inside the academe. “

We were then simply ready for enrolment. “Hundreds of students populated our college or university, waiting for all their turn to have a regular academic load or even more. ” “Hope I can obtain a full weight now, ” one pupil said. “I’m tired of usually being underloaded, ” the other college student said. The very first day ended with the number of devices not yet established. The enrolment period ongoing and most of the time, I can listen to students creating a clamour for a full weight. With their insistent behaviour, they assembled and rallied resistant to the administrators, “We demand rights! Extend the enrolment!! Available new training!! Give us satisfactory load! ” It’s a unhappy fact that the enrolment every semester wouldn’t be total without the beginning of challenges such as not enough courses presented, unavailability of the enrolment activity force users, slow internet connection, endless holding out lines and in many cases harassments. “Oh Lord, support us get through the challenges during enrolment.

The difficulties of being a great MSUan will not end up in enrolment because there are a great many other unimaginable circumstances that happen.

One sunlit day, a huge fire petrified the matters at the commercial center. “There’s a big flames, fire, fire!! ” someone screamed. “Turn off the key switch, ” said an employee of a close by establishment. Other folks just stared at the flames, so helpless to control this. The firemen came 1 hour after the flames started each building reached by the conflagration was took on dust. I got more anxious upon knowing that a faculty and two college students were purposely burned to death…

“Help, help, help!! Help me get from here… Also, no, help help support, was every I could imagine while these types of innocent people were put to loss of life. “Huhuhuhuhu, this can be the most terrible crime I use known. ” Oh, God, please keep us safe…” The news reached my mom’s knowledge and she called me up over the cellphone. “Rachel, will you be okay there? ” “No Mama, Now i am terrified… I wanna go back home now, huhuhuhu. ” “Keep all your items now and leave MSU the soonest time possible, my mom answered. ” Days exceeded and it had been as if practically nothing happened. Everyone seemed unsociable about the incident.

A few months after, a loud sound shocked us. Rate of growth! Bang! Bang! Bang! Rate of growth! Bang! Boom! Bang! Wow my God, what is it!! Rate of growth! Bang! Bang! Bang, the firing of guns ongoing for a couple of a few minutes. Oh my God!! Preserve us!! Rate of growth! Bang! Hammer! Bang! All of us closed our door and windows and fervently interceded for our safety. Then, we realized that there was an encounter between the rebels as well as the military. The news once again arrived at my single mother’s knowledge and she known as me up, “Rachel, will you be okay there? ” “No Mama, Now i’m scared… I wanna go back home now, huhuhuhu. ” “Keep all your points now and leave MSU the soonest time conceivable, my mom answered. ” Days approved and it was as if nothing at all happened. Everyone seemed unsociable about the incident.

Whilst we were going for walks at the commercial center, a loud firearm shot “Bang! ” worried us. We all hurriedly transferred away from the way to obtain that terrifying sound and wanted refuge in our cottage. The news right away spread, “The ‘balot’ seller got slain in just a minute, ” explained my cottagemate. “Why? The thing that was that to get? ” Answers were not crystal clear to me and I had to accomplish was to contact my mother. “Hello Mama, make sure you get myself here, huhuhuhu…” Days exceeded and it had been as if practically nothing happened. Everybody seemed unsociable about the incident.

They are just some of the numerous unimaginable occurrences in the grounds. Every now and then, boys killed, a lady raped, students wounded, and a lot more. Oh no, these kinds of occurrences are life threatening, brain boggling and emotionally challenging.

When can we be relaxing? When can we feel protect? When do we seek proper rights? When can we affirm that people are going to our perspective as a first class university in 2020? No one knows the response. But for if you, you, you, and I like Mindanao State University, there is also a glimmer of hope that everything will be well. That most we imagined will be realized. That MSU will serve its significant purpose to promote peace throughout the world. That you and I will become exemplars of serenity and harmony to everybody. All these will be but a dream… We leave the battle to you of what will become your role in achieving the perspective of our dearest MSU like a world class university…


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