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I would like to thank my Branch Director for being an assistance throughout my Project function. Mr. Deepak Chaudhary provides always urged me to be focused towards my job no matter what the conditions are. I’ve furthermore to thank my own respected Job Guide Doctor Renuka Sharma who provided and verified this agreement and urged me to look ahead with my Task. She always guided myself in the right direction when I asked her for help. I would love to appreciate God pertaining to giving me the endurance throughout my project and my parents who supported me and allowed me to in all techniques.

With no all, I could not have successfully completed my own project effectively in time with adequate data and relevant substance in it. Saying thanks to you, Mehak Mehta CUN120550046 3 Exec Summary This project is approximately creating a portfolio product that will help Angel Broking. Everybody knows that currency markets is a high-risk investment substitute for all but it really is good if perhaps investor will make money out of it.

The regulatory human body for the stock market is definitely SEBI who have controls every one of the activities of the market on daily basis and try to carry out transaction within a legal approach so as to avoid the scams also to protect the eye of the traders.

Now days there are many Portfolio managers and Account managers who also invest for the behalf of the investors and they assured all of them fixed price of go back on their investment in a particular period of time. Each of them applied types of model to measure the risk available in the market plus the tools to manage that risk. There are various kinds of risk which is mainly classify in two parts 1 ) Macro level risk 2 . Micro level risk I. Macro level risk: – It incorporate Systematic and Unsystematic Risk. Systematic risk is that which cannot be decreased but Unsystematic risk may be controlled.

Mini Level risk: – That consist of various kinds of risk which can be prevailing available in the market like Organization risk, Industry risk, Fluid risk, Exchange rate risk, Financial risk, Currency risk and Country risk The above mentioned are the broad categories of raise the risk in the market. Even as we can see through the recession the fact that global marketplaces also have their particular impact on the Indian market because now a days companies are working at global level so the market of 1 country may affect the market of other countries also. Therefore we are not able to avoid the risk but we could manage the chance and minimize it.

Within my project I have done the same thing by applying the many models or tools which are helpful to deal with the risk whilst doing an investment. Purpose/Objective from the study:? The objective of the study is usually to give a stock portfolio product to Angel Broking as per the needs of the human population of Ludhiana region. Endeavour to create riches over the channel to longer term through investments in equities, across market capitalization by focusing solely on the following:? To measure the risk available in the market, with the Nifty 40 stocks.

To look deep into the basic principles of the companies as well as the worried industry.? To calculate the expected returning from the elevated to your shortlist stocks and also from their worried industry.? To measure the risk/reward value of investors’ property class alternatives 4 Study Methodology Employed in the Job: Type of research study is Detailed and Disovery. To make a research study we need to notice that whether there is scope on this study or not, because if the study is definitely not having range then the entire work done will never be effective.

The scope of this study can there be in the market mainly because in today scenario everybody looks for the safe and risk free come back but they don’t know how to manage the risk which can be there on the market so by the help of this study after seeing the relevance, the Financial managers or the expense companies may take benefit out of it. Because by this they will arrive to know about the tools to manage the risk and they will be able to sell more investment goods because along with it they will be able to give safe return to the investors that may lead to a rise in their goodwill in the market.

Methodology used to making of this job is Detailed research design and style. Once we determine with the type of research style we need also to know regarding the collection of information. I have used the secondary approach to collect the information from the industry. For this purpose different websites are being find for the kind of information in making the project and different research newspaper and articles were also studied so as to get reference from these articles. When I are done with the info collection and fundamental research, I then ought to apply the tools.

In my project I have used generally four tools BETA, CAPITAL ASSET CHARGES MODEL (CAPM), STANDARD DEVIATION and SHARPE INDEX. Sharpe Index lets us know the excess return we can create from the investment. Beta tells about the volatility in the risk. CAPM tells us regarding the Anticipated return within the stock, and Sortino percentage tells us that out of the stocks and shares which are giving negative go back which will be the stock which will give positive return in near future. Thus by applying these models we come face to face with know that we can also lessen our risk but for that analysis must be done so as to enjoy the safe go back on the expense.

Findings: – After making use of all the above designs I have arrive to know the Beta of my profile, expected come back that my own portfolio is going to generate. CAPM help all of us to know that how much can be expected go back on the share and then we are able to compare you see, the return together with the expected come back and invest accordingly. Beta helps all of us to know the volatility of risk available in the market and then we could do risk return tradeoff so as to invest in best share as per our analysis. And Result of Sharpe ratio will help us to compare with the expected come back and then do the Sortino rate if essential. 5 Table of Material I. Introduction to the corporation.

Business carried on simply by parent firm and group companies along with short history, marketers & eye-sight Introduction to the parent organization Main opponents Number of personnel Organization Framework Study of functioning of all of the departments with the company SWOT Analysis Monetary Statement Evaluation Trend Examination Strategies implemented Profitability Research Review of Literary works?? Review of content articles Need with the study Objectives of the examine III. Exploration Methodology implemented IV. Information on actual work undertaken V. Interpretation & Analysis NI. Conclusion and Suggestions? VII. Findings from the study

Suggestions of the analyze Glossary VIII. Bibliography six Chapter-1 Introduction to the corporation and company 7 Business carried on by the parent company almost 8 Angel Broking Registered Office Corporate Office G-1, Ackruti Trade Center, Road Not any -7, sixth Floor, Ackruti Star, Central Road ” MIDC, MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai ” 400 093. Andheri (E), Mumbai ” 400 093. Tel: (022) 2835 8800 / 3083 7700 Tel: (022) 3935 7600 9 About the corporation Angel Broking’s tryst with excellence in customer relationships began in 1987. Today, Angel features emerged as one of the most respected Stock-Broking and Wealth Management Companies in India.

With its one of a kind retail-focused stock trading business model, Angel is focused on providing ‘Real Value pertaining to Money’ to all or any its clientele. The Angel Group is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the two leading Commodity Exchanges in the country: NCDEX; MCX. Angel is also signed up as a Depository Participant with CDSL. Vision To provide most cost effective for money to investors through innovative items, trading/investments approaches, state of the art technology and personal service. Motto To have total harmony among quality-in-process and continuousimprovement to provide exceptional assistance that will joy our Consumers and Clients. 10 CRM Policy.

A buyer is the most Important Visitor on our premises. He is not dependent upon us, yet we are influenced by him. He can not an being interrupted in our function. He is the reason for it. He is not an outsider in our organization. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour simply by serving him. He is doing us a favour by providing us a chance to do so.  ” Mahatma Gandhi Organization Philosophy?? Honest practices; visibility in all our dealings Customers interest over our own Constantly deliver that which we promise Powerful cost supervision

Quality Assurance Policy We are devoted to providing world class products and services which usually exceed the expectations of your customers, attained by teamwork and a process of continuous improvement. 11 Advancement of Angel Group? MISTER DINESH THAKKAR, CHAIRMAN; CONTROLLING DIRECTOR, ANGEL GROUP, started this Quest as a SUB-BROKER in 1987 with a few Employees and 25 Customers. 1997-2003? Dec’97: Incorporation of Angel Broking? July’98: Angel Research Division started? Mar’02: Web-enabled again office application developed 2005? Apr’04: Incorporation of Goods Broking? Sep’04: Launch of sites trading platform june 2006

Awarded esteemed “Major amount driver prize 12 06\?? Jul’06: PMS function launched Sep’06: Commences MF and IPO distribution Oct’06: Granted “Major amount driver prize Dec’06: Crossed 2, five-hundred business associates 2007? Oct’07: “Major volume driver award pertaining to third progressive, gradual time? Nov’07: Crossed 1 . 5 lakh mark in DP consideration? Dec’07: IFC acquired 12. 35% stake in Angel Group 2008??? Jan’08: Commences insurance circulation Feb’08: Positioned 1st simply by NSE to get Registered intermediaries May’08: 3rd party distribution business ramped up Sep’08: Placed 1st upon NSE pertaining to largest sub-broker network

Key volume driver award for the next consecutive period 2009? Jan’09: Ranked first on NCDEX on the basis of proceeds? May’09: Granted the “Best Retail Broking House as well as the “Broking House with Most significant Distribution Network by Gloomy; Bradstreet? Two Analysts gained the OU Starmine Analyst Award? “Major volume driver award to get the fifth consecutive time 2010? Nov’10: “Major volume level driver prize for the 6th progressive, gradual time 13 2011? Mar’11: Awarded the Best Contribution in Investor Education; Category Enlargement of the 12 months ” Angel Broking Limited and Broker with Best Commodity Study of the Season ” Angel Commodities Broking Pvt.

A really strong and dedicated Research and Admonitory desk.? One of many highest achievement ratios in both technological and important calls.? An excellent IT infrastructure in place with over 18144 trading terminals and 610 VSATs having a server uptime of 99. 9%.? completely Retail based focus and total dedication towards retail customers.? Among the best fund managers running our Portfolio Administration Services to enable clients to minimize their risk, enhance go back and shift their portfolios.? Training Courses to update the knowledge foundation; competency numbers of our staff, channel companions; even the end buyers.

Understanding client’s risk; return profile Offering the best blend of sector and stock exposure Supplying dedicated Investment Advisors Providing a choice of distinct schemes to suit every individual buyer preferences Catering to Individuals, HUFs, Corporate, NRIs, Trusts? Angel Commodities?? Customized services through branches; local hubs Trading; Relationship Mgmt. Services in Bullion, Base Metals, Energy; Agri. options contracts Opportunities in hedging; stock portfolio diversification, rumours; arbitrage Schooling; Educational Seminars on Products? Angel Currency Futures??

Thorough coverage in Currencies (‘Rupee’ to ‘Euro’, ‘Dollar Index’ to ‘Yen’). Reports masking in-depth basics of the currencies. Latest monetary data produces with their probably impact, along with “Technical levels Extensive reports upon currencies ultimately suited for any kind of investor as well as trader.? Angel Gold?? Personal Investment Prediction Portfolio Reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling; Continuous Monitoring Guidance coming from Experienced Research Team Regular Group Meetings with Investors.? Specialised Products Perimeter Funding? Center to allow consumers to take bigger exposure 20?? Instant Liquidity for Clientele

Margin is usually deposited in Cash and Collaterals Allowing Clients get Earning Opportunity Pre-Paid Brokerage??? Zero Bank account Opening Fees Attractive Broker agent Rates Totally free DP AMC for 12 months Assured presents worth hundreds with every account Easy; Fast Recharge Free Financial Expense Application collectively account? Depository Services??? Not any physical training required for the client’s promote obligations Lowest transaction charges in the country Approval; execution of instruction in fax A combined month to month ‘Bill-Transaction-Holding sperm Ledger’ affirmation Efficient give your word mechanism? Useful Services

Obtain response SMS Example ” DP Keeping, Pool Holding, Ledger bring up to date etc? Insurance?? Products to satisfy the triple objectives of risk coverage, investment and tax planning Assessment of the Insurance requirements after proper risk profiling A wide array of individual life cover plans to meet your Safeguard, Savings and Retirement demands? Mutual Funds??? Tie- ups with all major AMCs Dedicated Relationship Manager for Business Associates Exclusive MF Research Studies by Angel (Daily/ Weekly/Monthly Mutual Pay for Reports) MF Portfolios as per Investors Monetary Goal

Prevalent Gateway for a lot of Mutual Money related queries? Loans, GOING PUBLIC and Fixed Deposit Products written by Angel incorporate: Unsecured Loans? Personal/Business Loans/Credit Greeting cards Secured Loans? Residence Loans/ Financial loan Against Real estate? Loan Against Securities / Gold GOING PUBLIC ” Syndication, Advisory and Helpdesk Set Deposits NHB Term Deposits 22 Division Model Brief form Total form Information CSO Central Statistical Business Mumbai RO Regional Office buildings 24 Limbs Branches one hundred ninety SB Sub-Brokers 10000+ Consumers Clients 1900000+ 23 Business carried on by particular firm 24 Angel Broking Regional Office.

Benefits; Recognition 28 E-broking Unique Online Trading products customized to suit distinct Investment / Trading requires “?? Angel Investor Angel Diet Angel Trade Back-Office Online Consumer Details comes with “? Journal balances? Funds Deposits with Angel? Securities Holdings? Charges levied/paid inside the client’s account Last auction / close-outs effected? DP Holding the past 3 orders 28 Exhortatory Intraday cell phone calls BTST phone calls Long term phone calls Angel Trading 29 Positional calls Key Competitors Significant players in the region are the following: – 30 History of broking firms Brief history of a lot of broking businesses “

The birth of Karvy was on a modest range in 1981. It began with the vision and business of a small group of exercising Chartered Accountants who founded the flagship company, Karvy Consultants Limited.? They started out with asking and monetary accounting automation and designed inroads into the field of registry and promote accounting simply by 1985.? Since then, karvy used its experience and outstanding expertise to look from strength to power, to better their services, to innovate, diversify and in the procedure, evolved as one of India’s top integrated monetary service organization.


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